Sunday, August 18, 2013

Goodbye Garden... Hello Pool

We decided to get rid of our garden....

And replace it with a pool!

Makes more sense, right?

Don't worry.  The little ones won't be able to climb up with the ladder cover on.

But they sure are interested.

I see a Labor Day picnic / pool party in our near future.

Dear Diary,

News could not be better.  The back yard clothes line that I used to be tied to when I'd go outside... the one that I was scared of because of the awful noise every time I tried to run...   Is gone!  I now run free...  yipppee.   Trouble is, I can't see what's going on outside of my back yard for all the big white walls that surround it.   But.  I can still sniff.  And pee in private.  And run...  freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Gracie.


  1. I see big smiles, on everyone, even the fourlegged Gracie!!!

  2. What fun for everyone, including Gracie! Yay for all of you - enjoy!

  3. That sure is exciting news! The pool is beautiful and will be a big hit around your house. You can always plant some flowers in pots around it :)

    Way to go Gracie. Freedom at last!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. Good news not only for Gracie, but for everyone!!!!! Is Gracie resting her head on a bible? Splendid shot, you should frame it and show it somewhere. This pool is HUGE, so that makes it even more fun! A pool party will be SOOO cool!! And in the evening you could put pretty lights or lanterns around...

  5. Gracie looks like a win win situation in your backyard. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I do love that idea..lots of fun for all.

  7. LOOKS like fun. Even Gracie is happy.

  8. YEEHAW! I hope our weather cooperates for a "end of the Summer" swim party here too:) Enjoy! Missed you:) HUGS!

  9. Wow! What great fun for everyone! Yep, a Labor Day picnic sounds wonderful.
    Yes, that is Magic. We are loving the cool temps but it is still raining!
    John is having some tests to see if he qualifies for either back surgery or a spinal pain pump to help with his leg pain from deteriorated discs in his lower back.
    Hope you are feeling much better. It is GREAT to see you blog. Love, M

  10. We have a similar pool on our farm with decking around it. It is a lot of fun for our family! I hope you enjoy yours!

  11. WooHoo! Lots of fun for all of ya'll....And I think it's a beautiful pool! Congrats and may you have many happy hours enjoying it!


  12. Gracie
    Do you swim in the pool too?

  13. Love your pool. My son just got one too. We enjoyed swimming in it last week. It looks like the same pool. Now if I can just talk hubby into one. LOL

    Blessings !

  14. What fun you and the grands are gonna have in that pool. Gracie may even grow to enjoy it, with time. Hope you're feeling better these days, Bobbi. I'm thinking about you.


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