Splish Splash


Ginny said…
These are GREAT pictures!! And I think Gary is head over heels in love with that pool!
WONDERFUL family photos of all that fun.
Oh it would be fun to visit with you and watch the happiness!
Hope you are feeling better.
Blackberry Lane said…
Yippee! What great fun for the late days of summer. Sweet photos. HOpe you all have a blessed Sunday.
Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. I got a little cooler just by looking at them. It's a hot day here and I don't have a pool to enjoy.
Amber DaWeenie said…
What a pool pawty that is! Gracie, where are you? You should be swimming too!

Bobbi, hope you're feeling better.

Theresa said…
Oh how fun:) Love seeing those little ones enjoying the water! Have a blessed week dear Bobbi, HUGS!
Sweet Tea said…
The pool looks soooo refreshing - it beats a garden any day!! The grands are getting so big!!
It sounds like you are doing ery well!!!! Good for you guys!!

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