Friday, June 24, 2011


It was before 6 AM when I felt something tickling my left hand, waking me from a sound sleep.  "Grammy...  are you ready to get up?"  I wasn't.  Gracie was.  I was outnumbered.  

I needed to vacuum the floors today.  It had been too long and dust bunnies were no longer hiding.  I like to sprinkle baking soda on my carpets, so my vacuum cleaner won't smell doggie.  So today I was extra generous and poured baking soda thick, not caring that it was giving the furniture a fine film.  I'd be dusting afterwards so it didn't matter.  Vacuuming is not my favorite thing to do.  It's bend here, twist there, move this chair, crawl under the bed, pull this out ...  blah blah blah.  I noticed the red Panasonic vacuum was accumulating some white dust on the outside of it.  Hmm...  it doesn't usually do that.  It must be really dusty in here - I thought.  When I was 3/4 of the way finished (and it takes me about an hour all together to do the whole house), I decided to turn the vacuum off and investigate.  Maybe the bag came loose.  CHOKE - CHOKE COUGH - COUGH...  Dust everywhere!!  The bag had ripped and the vacuum was covered in white dust inside and out.  I wiped the sweat from my face and lugged it outside, scolding Gracie and telling her to "STAY" on my way out the door.  Pulling off the bag to put a new one on, I saw that I was going to have to clean it all out so I went inside and got a bucket of water and some rags.  After cleaning it as best I could, I put a new bag on and turned it on.  COUGH - COUGH - CHOKE!  Still, dust everywhere.  That's when I lost it.    RIP Panasonic Vacuum cleaner.

Dear Diary,

Good grief, the day I had was not fit for a dog.  First of all, Rissi was here last night and this morning.  It was all about her - of course.  'Rissi, let's pick flowers', 'Rissi, lets swing on the swings', 'let's play barbie castle, let's have cookies, let's go for ice cream, let's chase fireflies'  Grrrrrrrrr. 
After she left I was happy to have Mom's lap - finally!!  But she had other plans and one which I am not the least bit happy about- pushing that noisy machine around the house and causing me to run from one room to the other searching for peace and quiet.  Suddenly, something happened...  and she threw open all of the windows, then left.  She came back later with something called an animal.  Now, I'm an animal - or so they say - and I investigated this new addition and and if it's an animal, I'd like to know just what breed of animal it is.  Oh - and when dad told her he brought the beaten and battered Panasonic back to life, she said she didn't care, she was still keeping the animal.  What does all this mean?  Am I going to have to share Mom's lap?  Maybe not.  She took that animal all around the house and it made noise just like the other thing that she tried to murder teach who is boss.  I'm tired and confused.  Going to bed.  Gracie.


  1. Whew...for a second there I thought you were going to say Gracie RIP! Glad it was just the vacuum!

  2. You got the Dyson Ball!!! Halfway through reading your blog, I was going to tell you to get The Animal! We have a Dyson, but not the Animal, we don't have any pets. Rissie is SO cute in these pictures!!! But I must say that Gracie does not look happy with that flower on her head!

  3. The RIP gave me pause for a moment.
    And, what a mess with the vaccuum bag explosion - I've had a similar situation and I remember what a MESS it was...Great photos of Gracie & Rissi!

  4. I bet those dust bunnies felt like running when they saw what their fate would be!

  5. I heard wonderful reviews of the Animal! I don't think you will be disappointed!! Those dogs have a way with their fur to suck the life out of vacuums, but I think you are on the winning side with your new vacuum!! cute pictures of your grand daughter!!!


  6. HaHa! I am so loving the long - suffering look on Gracie's face with the flower on her head... too funny.
    And of course Rissi is cute as a button!

    As for the ripped vacuum bag... ack! I hate when that happens!


  7. Woooooohooooo...I IS BACK!
    Ummmm, how come so much stuffs is dying lately? Poor vacuum cleaner...NOT! They is too laoud fur me.
    Now Gracie, I hopes your mom ain't likes mine...when her gets a new vacuum her gets all giddy and has to keep trying it out fur hours, her likes to play with her new toys...hehehehe! She is so weird!

    And by da way, I just adore them piktures of Rissie and you withs da flowers...too precious!!!!!


  8. New vacumms are so fun Gracie! Great pics of you and Rissie!

  9. If you'll come dust at my house, I'll come vacuum at yours. I absolutely HATE to dust - and we live in the country!

  10. That RIP was kind of scary at first. Thank goodness it was the vacuum cleaner! I was also thinking, as I read, if you would get the ball one. No more strange maneuvers, just plain fun - so they say on the add. Please let us know if it is true, will you?

    A big kiss for Gracie.

  11. You got a DYSON!!!! I can only dream about getting one, they're so expensive. Is it as good as they say?

    Those pictures with the girl child are adorable. You didn't really mind everything being about her, now, did you? :)

  12. Oh, what a mess! Ours did that once and it had been an almost full bag! That stuff (dust, dog hair, crumbs etc) was everywhere. Don't blame you for getting a new one!!! I still have mine, but seldom use it, rather use my Mighty Mite to get the stuff, of course, we don't have carpet....

    Poor, confused, Gracie!

  13. Oh what a tiring day for everyone -- - - except Rissi. I'm not sure who looks prettier with a flower behind the ear - - - Gracie or Rissi? Should we have a voting contest?

  14. Too cute!... I just love the photos of Rissi and Gracie with the sunflowers in their hair!... xoxo Julie Marie

  15. So sorry to hear your vacuum cleaner died! I want a Dyson Animal (but in the canister)! We have an Electrolux and it works great though so I can't justify spending the money. But when it dies you can bet that's what I'll be getting. I hope you enjoy yours (as much as one can enjoy a vacuum cleaner..LOL)

    Cute pics of Rissi and Gracie!


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