Saturday, September 10, 2016

Resisted The Temptation

 The following are pictures of this morning's soccer game starring grand-angel #2 Jake. 

A couple of the pics are repeats but...  you get the 'picture'.  Jake got knocked down by an opposing team member.  Later I told him ...  "Grammy had to resist the urge to run out there onto the field and wrap my arms around you with a grammy-hug to make sure you were okay.  I'll bet you're glad I resisted the temptation to do that..."  He smiled and shook his head.  He's so handsome.   Love that boy!

It was a great morning at the game... temps were tolerable and we got a nice place in the shade to settle in.  Had some fries, and soft pretzel with cheese.  Cheered Jake on.  Cheered the team on.  And then, our team won!!  2-0!!  Yay!

Then it was off to the music store to get Rissi's violin for Orchestra, which she starts on Monday.   She's just beginning, but Pop-pop told her she has to master the piece and learn and play 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia' to play at his funeral.  (Ha!  Guess that will be many, many years down the road since it will take a while for that one.  And that is good.)

After that it was the last swim of the summer.  Sad but true.  Summer is slowly fading and fall is waiting in the wings to take its place.  

Life is short.  Make sure you enjoy it.   


  1. Yeah! I'll bet you had some really happy kids with that win! Aw... no more swimming. Oh, rats. So soon? Do you empty the pool or put a cover over it? Um, doesn't it freeze and expand or doesn't it matter?

  2. So happy you were able to attend Jake's soccer game. Glad his team won and I adore the photo collages you have shared. Oh, it's hard to watch the young ones get knocked down.
    Congrats to Rissi on the violin. Music will afford her the opportunity to visit many places and make lots of friends thru the years.
    The pool looks so inviting. We worked a little in the yard today and it was HOT!
    I know your winters are severe, so it is sad to see summer end.
    Love the photo of Gracie and her toy. Little Theo loves toys, too. Our late Harriet never liked toys, so this is all new to us!
    Wishing you a pleasant evening and God's blessings for tomorrow and the week ahead. xoxo

  3. This is a great picture of Gracie! Boo hoo on the last swim. I am sucking up every last moment of summer and staying out all day every day. The balmy evenings are so hard to leave. Tonight we saw a huge praying mantis flying around a street lamp. Who knew they can fly like a bird? Violin!! Ella took that, very cool. You can make it sound so many different ways. I hope she enjoys it.

  4. How fun with the game, glad his team won! A violin is a great instrument to play! Sad with the winding down of summer, but I agree life is too short, we need to live it with joy.


  5. What a wonderful weekend you're enjoying - always better with family activities! Our daughter started Suzuki violin in kindergarten and is now a college music professor, so you never know where their youthful activities will lead!

  6. Sounds like so much fun with the grand angels. You are truly blessed. We all want to know what kind of toy is that, Gracie? And where in the world did you get it? I know she tries hard to make us all believe that life isn't all that great, but that picture tells the true story of Gracie Phillips's wonderful life.

  7. Love the song choice for Rissi to learn:). Enjoy your day dear friend, it's feeling a little like Fall here:). Hugs


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