Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love Nice People

Tis The Season

Me: Hello, Miracle Ear this is Bobbi, How can I help you?

Lady:  Yea, is this tools?

Me:  No, I'm sorry.  This is the hearing aid center.

Lady: Well, I want tools.

Me: I'm sorry but...

Lady:  Well, give me the number for tools.

Hesitation.  I'm looking on my cluttered bulletin board to see if I can find the number....  

Me: O-k-a-y...  let me see here.... if I can...

Lady:  Oh forget it, thanks for NOT helping!!!   


So I found the number for tools and called her back.

Lady: Hello...

Me: Yes, this is Bobbi calling from Miracle Ear.


This is one of the many reasons I've had to pull out the second most important book I have...

When I came home from work, a gift from a friend....

I love nice people.


  1. Me too! I love happy endings. Merry Christmas Bobbi.

  2. What a day! Glad you had a sweet gift waiting for you at home!

  3. I really have to laugh at that, it brings to memory a call I got from an old gal.

    Old Gal:Is Pearl there?
    Me: there is no Pearl here, you have the wrong number.
    Old Gal: Come on now, I know she's there! Let me talk to Pearl!
    Me: I assure you, Ma'am, there is no Pearl here, you have the wrong number.

    Ring, ring!

    Old Gal: (rather nastily) You better put Pearl on the phone right now or I'll

    Click - me this time.

    If/when I get this weird, I hope somebody takes my phone away!

    Nice gift you got there! Don't you just love surprises? (er... the good kind)

  4. Here in my small town if people call my house and get the wrong number they will ask me to look up the number for them. And, then they will ask who I am related to. Glad you had a nice gift waiting for you. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. I have the same book! Aren't things like that aggravating? But when put in perspective with really awful things that happen, it is indeed small stuff. Hey, you went out of your way to help. YOU were the nice one, she was not. So it's good this happened, because you get points!!

  6. Sweating the small stuff, just gives us more gray hair!!! Then have to spend more to dye the gray hair! No way! I'm to cheap to sweat the small stuff! lol

  7. Sharon - LOL that's funny! I can picture that happening and hopefully if you get that way the phone police will come and whisk you away. haha.
    Ginny - One of the chapters in the book is about showing compassion to others even when they aren't nice to you. They may be going through something in their lives that cause them to be that way... but for whatever reason, you're supposed to practice compassion. This has become really hard for me at this point and I'm certainly not doing well in this area. So take my point away... because I may have went through the right motions... but I was not feeling it in my heart. *bobbi needs work!

  8. Hi Bobbi, so happy you came home to a nice gift from a nice friend... mean people suck... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Tis the season to cope with all kinds! That is funny though and so is Sharon's story. Like the rest of your followers, I am glad that day ended with an unexpected happy surprise.

  10. oh yes, there are those who forget that we are here only temporarily and we should make the best of it and put our best, most polite self forward.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, what a nice friend you have to gift you that special gift.

  11. I gots NO idea why some peoples can be so nasty. My mum used to work in a retail store and goodness at da stories her has told us bout customers. Wonders if they got da word CUSS from customers...a question to ponder I think.
    Just have to grin and bear these kinda things.


  12. Bobbi,
    Don't you just get so befuddled at time with others? I know I do...I have this desire to makes sense of everything and well, some things just don't...
    I'm glad you had a nice gift :)

  13. Oh goodness....I wonder sometimes why people have to be so difficult! Great gift!


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