Monday, October 31, 2011

The Princess and the Pup

Update:  Holiday Inn Express did charge my credit card but they are giving me a 'raincheck' so they will take that amount off of our stay there when we finally do get to go to NJ.  
That's fair.  

Tonight is Trick or Treat night aka Halloween. 


I have so many fond Halloween memories.  

And now...  new memories are being made.

When Trick or Treater's knock on my door I get a rush of excitement and run for the door with my big bowl of candy...

The kids around here are so polite.  They take one piece and always say "Thank you".  I tell them, "Grab a handful..."

And I always tell them they look awesome.  

I wish we would get more...

Because it's so much fun to see the excitement on their faces.  And it brings back so many wonderful memories of my own.

I miss my grandson Jake being here this year.  He's with his other grandparents in WV.  But I'll get to see him later this week.

Another Halloween night behind us....

With warm and fuzzy memories ~ stored away.

Dear Diary,
Gracie... get out of the way I'm going to trip over you ~ she says as she runs for the door with my bowl of snacks in her hands and then she gives them away to strangers who are knocking at our door and trying to scare us.  Gracie, you can't have chocolate.  Gracie, leave Rissi alone.  Gracie go lay down.  Gracie, stop barking.  Gracie give me back that Tootsie Roll and bag of m&m's...  Now!  Stop!! Drop 'em!!! These are the words of a controlling, nagging mom who really should mind her own business.  I think the Princess would be more than willing to share her bag of candy if the nag mom would just hush up.  Gracie.


  1. Sweet pictures! Just had to come and look!

    Can Gracie have a doggy bone? please?

  2. Ok's Gracie...Protesty time. Let's doggie strike! Dere should be a special day set just for DOGGIE HALL-O-WEENIE....We go door to door and do tricks for doggie treat??? We leave a poop!

  3. Hi Bobbi,
    I hope you all had fun in this Halloween night!!!
    My eye sight is still blurry!!
    Thanks so much for your visit!!
    xx, Fern

  4. booooooooooooo!!
    did I scare you!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Her majesty is adorable! What a precious princess... And I love the lit up Fall basket on your hearth.....

    As always, Gracie, you are tugging on my heart strings with your "tail" of woe..... poor girl! Maybe Mom will feel bad for her "mis - trick - or - treatment" of you and give you an xtra biscuit or bone or something....

  6. Oh, Rissie is just a beautiful princess!!!! I wish someone like you was around when i went Trick-Or-Treating!!

  7. Rissi is so cute! What a beautiful princess she made!! I'm with you; I always like to see who comes to the door and compliment them on what they are wearing, etc. I'm hoping Gracie got a doggie treat or two??


  8. Your granddaughter made the perfect princess. So did mine. LOL Seriously she looked beautiful. Looks like a FUN evening was had by all. GRACIE I am sorry to say this, but candy just isn't for dogs. It could hurt you. You have to be careful. You have other kinds of treats. I hope you were patient and let your momma give you one.

  9. So the world has another beauty of a princess! Love her! Poor Gracie, poor, poor Gracie, hehe.

  10. Oh how cute, great costume, beautiful princess:) We always have fun at a friend's house! They live in a huge neighborhood and have loads of trick-or-treaters! Fun night!

    Gracie, perhaps some of the kids spilled a few pieces of candy in the yard... just for you!

    Enjoy your day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  11. I miss living in town and having trick-or-treaters. Your little princess is just adorable!

  12. Bobbi Oregano Oil is very good for allergies and that was why everything was blurry!!! I am very allergic to many many things. I suffer when a new front is blowing through. Those fronts usually have bad air.
    The fronts are always blowing through too.
    Oregano is a miracle Bobbi
    XX, Fern

  13. How "Pretty in Pick". Love her pick shoes too.

    I was gonna suggest you challenge your credit card charge with the hotel so glad you got it satified to your liking. We usually put anything like that on Am.Exp. because once it's challenged, it's gone. They are excellant.

    Now you can look forward to another trip.

  14. The princess looks great! Hope you had a great Halloween :)
    Maddy and Owen

  15. Sweet! Sounded like YOU had fun! Nice.

  16. Rissi looks so grown up in that princess outfit! She sure looks beautiful.
    Gracie - - so glad your hearing is good or else you might have gotten run over when they gave the warning! And you don't want chocolate unless you want to go live at the vet's hospital again for a while!

  17. Samson Says: OK, Gracie, so do you want me to send her some creepy, crawlies?


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