Friday, October 14, 2016

The Hiss and The Challenge

Summer is our tomboy.  She's sweet and sassy, loving and opinionated.  She loves chocolate more than anybody or anything.  Starting pre-k this year was not a problem for Summer.  She fit right in and made friends easily thanks to her outgoing personality.  

She has a boyfriend and he brings her flowers and he is crazy about her.  "The only thing..." he told his big brother..  "is that she hisses at me."  (Yep, I can see Summer doing that!)   His brother told him maybe he should find another girlfriend, but nope.. he said he's keeping her.

My guess,  it's the challenge.  If he only knew that a single Hershey bar would win her heart forever.

Dear Diary,

I know it's out there.  I know it! I know it! I know it!  It's why I whine and cry to go outside when all the rest of the house if fast asleep.  There's something.  Something in the dark of night.  Something alive.  Something mean.  Something ugly!  I want a piece of it!!!!  It needs to know who's the boss of this place!  It started with some paths in the yard.  What is it?  Dad said.  A rat?  A snake?  Bigfoot?    And so the exterminator bug killer man came to destroy!  And then, a dead rodent.  Dad put it in the trash can.  But wait.  Something is still out there.  I cannot rest.  I pace through the night.  I need to go out.  To investigate.  To guard my territory!!!    6AM I pace by the door.  "Gotta go, gotta go"...  I lie.    Then!  Face to face with Mr. Opossum!!!!!  He's mean!  He's ugly!  I jump and bark and lunge and let him know who's the boss of him!  He hisses at my face!  Let me at him, I say!  and then Dad pulls me away and runs inside with me.  I can't rest.  I pace.  I whine.  I want out!  I want out!  Let me at him!!!!!!!!

No more outside at night for you, Gracie.  Dad says.  Until we catch the beast.  
Really?  You are going to catch him just for me?  And bring him inside for me to play with?  Dad, you're the greatest, I say.

It was the best toy I ever almost came into contact with.  It was alive and vibrant and passionate.  It was feisty and sassy.  It was a challenge.  Unlike Mr. Hedgehog who lays lifeless until I sink my teeth into his pathetic fake fur.  Then it's a dull, sad burp of a sound.  So I will wait.  For my new toy.  Full of life and ready to rumble.  Gracie.


  1. It has been a joy to watch Summer grow up! I like Hershey bars too! So cute about her boyfriend. lol
    Oh Gracie, you stick with your doggie toys. Wishing you guys a very happy weekend.

  2. Summer possibly cannot be old enough for Pre-K. Where did the years go? She's such a darling! She will do well in life I do believe (along with her sister and her cousins :)

    Gracie, you must listen to your dad about the opossum. Those and raccoon and porcupines are not your friends. They are out to get you. Stay safe!!!


  3. The boy knows his women - chocolate is the best bait!

    Opossum, Nothing good to play with, Gracie - check out those teeth, they look sharper than yours.

  4. Gracie, you are the life of the party! But I wonder who would get the better of each other in a showdown? Dad is right! Did mom take this awesome picture? Summer has a boyfriend already!!! well, I can sure see why. She will be a heart breaker. Make that IS.

  5. Summer is precious:). We have those traps but we have them set for a pesky armadillo! Hope you catch the possum. Hugs


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