Friday, February 18, 2011

Enjoy your new Puppy... Idiot!

Gracie's regressed bad habit of pooping on the floor has brought back a not-so-pleasant memory of our first year with our new pup.  

Just thought I'd share a little from the book:

     We put up barricades to protect the white carpet from Gracie who was nervously peeing and pooping in fifteen-minute intervals on the shiny kitchen floor.  An end table, a living room chair and a bookcase kept her from real trouble. 

 After observing her bathroom habits, I took her out for potty minutes before her next spill was due, but she was too interested in smelling the ground and bouncing around being cute to do her business where she was supposed to do it.  After I brought her back inside, she squatted and let loose. 

     “I think she needs smaller confines,” I said.  So we sectioned off a part of the kitchen calling it Gracie’s corner.  A long kitchen bench flipped onto its side, a big box of stuff, and a five-gallon jug of water separated her and her cage from the rest of the kitchen.  “That’s better,” I said.  “At least now her mess won’t be all through the kitchen.”  She looked sad as we walked away, and guilt consumed me because I was secluding her from the rest of the house, but as I turned to take one last look at her sad face I noticed that she wasn’t sad at all and was trotting happily next to me into the living room.  “Gracie!” I said. “How did you get out?”  The walls handiwork in Gracie’s corner revealed a flaw in its construction so I stuffed a towel into the little opening that I hadn’t noticed before, and then placed her back in her corner.  This time she didn’t look so sad, and five minutes later she pranced into the living room ferociously tossing the towel into the air and catching it again.  I was tired and not amused.  I just wanted to go to bed. Then the voice, 'enjoy you’re new puppy… idiot'.
      I helped Gary bring up an old door from downstairs and we placed it where the other smaller barriers had been. Gracie whined as we left her behind in her own little space, and she finally gave up and went into her cage to sleep.

 Dear Diary,
I’ve been kidnapped.  They keep calling themselves Mommy and Daddy, and I think they’re trying to brainwash me.  It feels good to lie down though and rest my weary bones.  Speaking of bones, I wonder if they have anything I can gnaw on.  My teeth are killing me.  (Sigh)  I miss my real mom and dad.  I wonder what they are doing right now, probably missing me.  Well, I guess I’ll just have to make the best of things.  Oh, did I mention that there is another person that lives here?  Her name is Lindsey and she smells good.  She’s one of those teenagers they talk about.  I’m going to try to get in good with her, so maybe she can help me escape and find my way home.  Maybe she’s been kidnapped too.  We can break out together.  Well, guess I better go.  This strange woman wants to take me out to potty again, whatever that means. 


  1. Hi there, Loved reading this-reminds me the joys of having a puppy and why we always adopted adult dogs. Our oldest daughters family got a puppy from a pet store and it was a very similar experience to what you went through with Gracie except that Lily would use her crate to do her business in-because that is how it was at the pet store. Thanks for sharing-you made me smile today.

  2. Ah.... brings back memories of our Jazz as a puppy....Gracie was so little! And so cute!


  3. Gracie was an adorable puppy. Oh those puppy memories. It's almost like having a new baby to take care of - lots of work.
    I laughed at her puppy diary entry. Now that she is older and has mommy and daddy trained to her liking, I bet her story would be a lot different.

  4. Goodness Bobbi, I'm hoping for your sake she outgrows her new habit of digresing back to the days...any changes for her that you know of?
    I think she is just too cute in those photos :)

  5. Oh don't feels bad Ms. Bobbi, there are millions of other idiots in da world just likes, I mean in your shoes. Brudder Albert was easy to house break, I was another story (can you imagine dat?). You needs to check on my blog furs da Puddles Pro 1000, it's an old post.

    Gracie, I thinks was all kidnapped. We should become hobos.


  6. Never fears....Puddles is heres!
    Heres da link:

    Like I said, they is boooooooring!


  7. Gee, I don't want to sound like an old lady... have you had her to the vet lately? Possible urinary tract infection? Maybe her whole back end is bugging her for whatever reason. Not sure about dogs, but I know cats will pee right in front of you, to let you know. My Timmy peed right into one of my moccasins - that got my attention!

    Hope you get her back on track soon!

  8. Too cute. I love you telling both sides of the story. It's fun to read!

  9. What a tiny little pup she was! I hope you all will enjoy your weekend.

  10. Been there done that! It is worth every...ummm...pile,lol to have our sweet pooches!

  11. Those pics are soooooo adorable!!
    I just want to snuggle her.

    God bless your weekend!

  12. This is hysterical! Love the dear diary letter!

    Your pal, PIp

  13. The under the tree shot is so cute! She looks like a big toy dog next to that doll!! Hey, I think she is pooping inside because you started going back to work! She is acting out. Did she just start after you went back?

  14. Hmmmmm just don't know what else to say, but she sure is a cutie!

  15. I just think there's a reason why puppies like Gracie are so darn cute!! But I've read and heard that smaller dogs can be a bit more difficult to house-train--I've no idea why that is, but I hope your girl will be able to 'remember' what she learned--Maybe she can help me with what I've forgotten too! :-)))

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  16. Gracie
    your so cute that i think you could get away with anything, even if it is bugging your mama.
    i love your dear diary letters

  17. Ah yes...I remember them well...oh too well unfortunately. The thing is I was actually a pretty good learner and the guys scrambled a lot...snicker snicker!

  18. And she is worth every bit of the trouble!
    And to Gracie... You are so loved !!
    Hugs, Sue

  19. We went through several puppy potty training times over the years. The last time was with a little cocker spaniel we had named Mandie.

    Thanks for the memory. I think? :-)

  20. Hi Bobbi,
    I am so happy I am here!!! Thank Goodness Blogger wants to play today!!
    When Bruce was (the only puppy I ever had) little every time I went,, then he went out and he went too and I would make a real big deal of what he DID!!!! He learned in just two days! I have never had that problem from my older rescues!!!!
    Thank God!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern


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