Monday, February 21, 2011

Pink Floyd Experience and Love Your Pet Day

I'm back.  I had to take care of 
a few things out of town.  


Having a piece of the best chocolate cake ever...

and attending a Pink Floyd Experience concert
 in Lancaster, Pa. 

 It was great, by the way, and our seats were wonderful...  took the above video on the way out!!  

And watching this sweet pooch get his hiney shaved at the Pet Smart Grooming center.  Look at that face.  Isn't he a sweetheart?!  And he was such a good sport.
If he could talk, what do you suppose he would say?  

It's good to be back to my Gracie.  And by the way, I think I fixed her poopy problem before I left.  It seems she had some matted in her butt fur so I cleaned and cut her fur there and she hasn't had an accident since then.  She was probably just trying to get that disgusting stuff off of her.

Dear Diary,

February 20 was 'love your pet day'.  Wouldn't you know I'd be left alone on the very day I was supposed to be loved?   

And is it any wonder that I tore up a newspaper and spread it through the house, threw pillows on the floor (along with other important stuff), and refused to eat....  

Well...  I refused to eat until Lindsey and Rissa came and fed me.  Then I caved.

So as a peace offering I get this funny looking toy that squeaks real loud.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  I love the toy.  But I smell a rat.  Or should I say I smell a dog...  on Mom's clothes.   It seems to me she might have been "loving another pet" on Love Your Pet day. 

I guess I'm supposed to forgive, forget, and watch the house like a good dog.  And I guess I will.  Gracie.


  1. What a heavenly piece of chocolate cake dat is...I is droolin' overs heres lady! Yea, I knows I ain't suppose to eat it...look but don't touch. Sounds likes you had a most fab weekend. Can't say much furs Gracie.

    Gracie, da peeps is always havin' affairs with other doggies. They go all koo koo whenevers they see another doggie and then they has da audacity to come home smaelling like da "other". At least you gots a new toy.


  2. OH! I want some chocolate cake too! Uh, I means Mom wants the cake hehe. Gracie, Ya know, I get those "other" pup smells from time to time, but I figures my folks loves me so much, they gots plenty to share around. They are good like that and I don't really mind as long as they comes home to me!

  3. That cake looks like it could cure a chocolate fix in a flash! the concert looks neat, never went to a pink floyd concert...I did go to see kiss though ;O)...Gracie, your mama loves you more than you know, sometimes my babies don't like when I smell like another pup either and they leave me little messes to show how much they hate when I go somewhere too.....have a nice night! :o)

  4. oh Gracie, I love you EVERY day!... that chocolate cake looks YUMMY!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. The Floyd????? You went to see Pnk floyd????? Oh, man, we are Huge fans!!!Was David Gilmour there, and all the rest, except Roger Waters?? My favorite album is Wish You Were Here!!! Yours?? Fav song?

  6. Oh, man, BROWNIE PUDDING!!!!~!

    The sweet pooch - "Oh, the humiliation of it all"

    So glad you figured out the poop problem!

    Yeah, Gracie!

  7. I think that dog is saying" how embarrassing...when will this be over..and geesh...a window...can't a dog have some privacy...warm your hands lady..."

  8. are a saint..really putting up with humans that take off for their own enjoyment...what's that all about...well I guess it's about being a doggie! Oh well, enjoy the hugs!

  9. I just started a new diet yesterday. That cake wants me to cave. But I won't. I'm determined.

    On Feb 20 I was worried sick about our Lab-mix. He went off to play with the neighbor's dog (we live in the country, you know) and they didn't come home all night! I hardly slept at all from worrying. They showed up yesterday morning. Now he's grounded.

  10. Oh Gracie,
    Hurricane doesn't like to be left alone either. In fact when we go we have to leave a light on AND the TV on; do you like the TV left on so you don't hear noises outside of the house?
    ANyway, I hope all is well now.
    I think you should tell your mom that it is only polite to share choclate cake that looks as luscious like that one does...just saying!

  11. Hey, Gracie! Nice to meet you. Your mom wants me to tell you that it's really fun to sleep in. Just sleep until noon and make your parents wonder if something's wrong. It won't be, of course, but you get extra attention that way...and extra beauty sleep!

    Trust me. This has worked really well for me.


  12. That concert sounded great! I didn`t realize they were still around.
    Got that recipe for that chocolate cake, if so do you share.
    Yes, poor Gracie. Oh that dog has such a tough

  13. Gracie is adorable!!! Of course she owns you! I've had 'custody' of my oldest son's dog Ms. Pickles for 3 years now.. while he is in grad school. It was supposed to be just a few weeks, but it just didn't work out. Hum.... now he is taking a job in Huston this summer after graduation. I asked him if we were going to have a custody battle? :-) He said, well he plans on taking his dog.. so are we? lol
    I'm pretty attached to her now, so we'll just have to see if 'daddy' will have a proper place for her to live and the time for her. :-) I know she wants to be with him... but I'm going to miss her so much!!

    Thank you again, Bobbi, for the visit so I could find and follow you too!!

  14. Gracie,
    I'm sorry to be the one to break the news to you but your Mom has been hanging out with pink pigs and eating Death by Chocolate Cake!!! MOL

    We are glad to hear that your 'problem' is solved too!!
    Big Feline hug,

  15. Those dogs at the PetSmart and/or Petco always look so pitiful. And often the person shaving the dogs doesn't look like she is that much of a pet lover. They don't even talk to the poor pooch while working on him!
    Out dog had that problem with the fur on the backside, too. It was pretty gross cutting it loose.

  16. Gracie, you are so cute! Moms are always lovin' on others. I don't understand it either.

    That poor guy at the groomers looks so worried, but yes, so sweet.

    We're in PA too!

  17. I gave up sugar Bobbi almost a year ago!!! That cake looked GOOD!!!!!! But no I can't have cake any more!! No!!
    Poor Gracie, you should tell her about you're other little just friend!! lol You know!!
    Yes they should (and now a days) are living longer!!
    The poor dog at the groomers is saying "What she doing back there"!!
    Thanks for your visit!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  18. Hey there Bobbi
    ...and thank you for popping by to visit us. Phew, that Choc' cake looks decadent, but yummy!
    How wonderful you got to go to the Pink Floyd concert - no such luck at this end of the world.
    Glad your little one got sorted out with her hiney.
    Sending lotsaluv

  19. I did not even know there was a love your pet day. Oh well, I guess mine was loved on at least a little. That cake looks heavenly! Glad that you enjoyed the concert!


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