Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grandparent's Day

Last night when I talked to Rissi on the phone 
she reminded me:

"Don't forget, Grammy!  Tomorrow is grandparents day.  If you can't find my room just ask someone to tell you where Mrs. Jones classroom is." 

We were 1 minute late.  Rissi looked sad, sitting there all alone with the other kids surrounded by their grandparents.  

She was so happy to see us!

We watched the children play bingo...

Rissi was so excited that her hands were shaking...

Her and another little boy made funny faces at each other, and laughed. 

I heard the boy telling his grandma that him and Marissa always make funny faces at each other.  

"She's really cute!" His grandma said.  

But... Rissi informed me  "no, that is not my boyfriend", then she showed me the boy that "she's in love with".  LOL

Pop-pop showed her where we live...

And Rissi showed us around the classroom.  Then it was time to leave.  Rissi looked sad as we waved goodbye.

And we received a treasure that will always bring me back to a special day...  a day when I have never felt more loved or so very important in a little girl's life. 

 Being a part of grandparent's day was an honor.  

My sweet Marissa is a blessing 
and I thank God daily for my very first grand-angel...   


  1. What a special day for Rissi. And for you. She's beautiful. I'm sure that flower picture will end up in a frame.

  2. That was so special! She'll probably end up with the funny face maker...
    Love the little flower she made, I believe it will have a place of honor for a while. I'm glad you made her day for her.

  3. how sweet! Glad you could share Grandparents Day with Rissi! I can imagine her eyes were glued to the door waiting for you and Gary to make your arrival!


  4. What a special day that was for all of you!

  5. What a sweet day! I love those days with the little ones! Rissi is precious:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. That's beautiful. Thanks for sharing your special day with us.


  7. What a special day for you to share together!! It's going to be days like this that you will both remember and that will strengthen the bond you have with her in the years ahead!

  8. Now I'm almost crying again! This was such a special post about the love of a child for her grandparents. It touched my heart. And she is so pretty and so is the card. You are blessed, Bobbi and Gary.

  9. Oh I loved this special day! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  10. Bobbi you are so lucky that you get to be close with your Grandchild while they are young. I missed that with mine. We got close after she moved out on her own!!But at the time she was a child her Mother didn't like me so we were not given the opportunity!! Mother likes me know but I missed so much!!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment about me losing Zoie!!! I had her 10 months and 2 weeks and it was a wonderful time. She loved her mom and I loved her so much!!!!!!! I'll never know why she jumped the fence and went to the road b/c that road is not close to the house!!

  11. How fun that her school had a day for the grandparents! Sounds like y'all enjoyed it!


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