Monday, June 24, 2019


Cool theaters with heaps of junk food is where you want to be on hot summer days (when you're not in the pool of course).

If you have been to see Toy Story 4 you will understand the pictures of Forky.  If you haven't been...  well then, you will look at Forky and wonder...

The kids were delighted to participate in making their very own Forky.

I found this sign on the bathroom stall wall. Good ol' Dr. Seuss always knows the right things to say!

Jake shows off his Forky.

Marissa says, "Meet Forky".

Summer's Forky and Rissi's Forky seem to be getting along just fine.

We had to keep an eye on them.  They were looking for the trash.  *wink, wink*  Yea, you know what I'm talking about you Toy Story 4 people out there.

These grands are wild, crazy, amazing, and bums.  Yea, you heard me right.  They bummed all of my quarters off of me to get surprise toys in the above kid-magnet machines.  It was a fun day and a great way to kick off the start of summer.

Dear Diary,

Mom said, "Stop scratching your chin, stop biting your feet, stop licking the bed all night.  Gracie, you're bored!  You need a play date with Ellie!"  And so the annoying amazing Ellie came down to play and irritate me  smell my butt.  She peed and pooped in my yard and ate my food and drank my water and even tried to play with my toys.  Mom said, "maybe you need a walk, Gracie.  Maybe that's why you are bored." I was like - yea - I think you hit the nail on the head Mom!  And so we did the neighborhood walk.  Halfway through she's like, "Gracie you're tired."  And then she began pulling me down through the yard to go home.  I resisted and said, No...  the whole walk please!!  But she claimed to know best.  It was my limping that gave it away.  "Not ready yet," she said. Drag me, I said.  Just don't take me home yet.   So.  I got a half-a-walk and a visit with Thunderbolt Ellie and I didn't scratch or bite or lick quite as much last night.  I slept.  But today is a new day.  And ----  I'm bored.


Wednesday, June 5, 2019


I could make a long story short here, but I won't.  I wish for you to feel my pain understand what I've been going thru.

Several weeks ago it was a trip back to Dr. Fox for me with Otitis Media in the opposite ear as before.  I was one sick pup.  Mom and Dad are like...  what is causing this?  and Dr. Fox be like ...  how often are you bathing her?  And Dad and Mom are like...  could it be that she puts her head out the window when she is riding in the car?


The day my world changed.  

If I can't let my long furry ears flap in the wind as I'm smelling life passing by... there's no reason to live what's the sense in going anywhere?  Mom and Dad knew of my dilemma and so Mom got me a ear wrap AKA Happy Hoodie from something called Amazon.  Like in the rainforest?  I asked, but nah...  I don't think this torturous headpiece/ear protector came from the forest.  I think it was designed by a people who doesn't know dogs that well.  

I couldn't breath.  I was anxious and afraid.  I thought for sure this was it.  End of the line for me.  My last photo session would be that of a scared, miserable dying dog.

Luckily, it was a short trip just to try the thing out.  But by the time we made it home I was so anxious and afraid that I jumped out of the car twisting my knee! 

As I lay there on the road not able to move, Mom and Dad hovered over me looking very afraid.  Mom pulled the awful ear protector head band thingy from my head and I finally gained strength to limp off the road and into the house.

I would cry sometimes and Mom would cry too.  Next day it was back to see Dr. Fox.  He twisted me and turned me and pulled at my knee and then gave me a sharp pointy needle in the butt.  Twice.  

Maybe surgery, he said.  Or maybe I'd get better on my own. He gave me medicine that made me worse the first night.  Mom decided she'd just baby me and take me outside to enjoy nature and lift me when I needed lifted and see if time would heal.

I'm about 40% better, says Mom and Dad.  Dr. Fox says I'm pretty old for surgery and maybe we should wait-see.  Meanwhile Mom is lifting me into bed and onto the furniture and trying to make things as comfortable as possible. Dad has started doing a lot of the lifting because of Mom's back.  He's talking of taking me to camp again!  

Bunny Friend is taunting me outside.  Laughing at me and saying 'nah nah nah nah nah ya can't catch me'.  It's okay.  I pay him back by eating his poop later.

Mom hurt her back probably lifting me.  But she's getting a little better.  Dad helps a lot and he gives me belly and back rub therapy.

It's been a long spring.  And speaking of spring - Dr. Fox says to let me do what I feel like doing. a-hemmmm  ...  walking, playing, living life ...  

 So I'm getting a little spring to my step again.  I think Bunny Friend is rubbing off, cause I do more hopping than running.  

Mom said, this dog needs to go for her grooming appointment!  We've had to cancel too many times.  She stinks.  

Dr. Fox gave us the green light and so... yesterday was spa day.

 I did a big mushy poop in the yard after I came home from spa day at the Strawberry Dog, and then I sat in it yea, the MMP (Mushy Mound of Poop).  What's that all over your leg? Mom asks when I walk into the house...  and then she freaks out and chases me into the living room waving wet, soapy paper towels in the air.  After a good leg scrub she calmed down a bit.

Wish this picture had a scratch and sniff capability cause I smell wonderful..  Except for the right leg.  It'll pass.  But it lost something along the way...