Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's Mug: The Castle

Monday's Mug

My childhood memories of The Castle 
are of swing sets and green grass, 
tall stone walls, 
a haunted room upstairs where 
an image of a man (ghost) 
could be seen every evening at dusk, 
(I saw it, but wasn't convinced)
 and the angelic and colorful ceiling
 above my Aunt Ollie's living room 
that reminded me of a 
beautifully decorated birthday cake.    

The Castle has changed hands a number of times since Aunt Ollie owned it, and Aunt Ollie has since passed away. 

 But the memories...  oh the memories
 I have of that place!!  

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The Castle is now a Bed & Breakfast

The Castle past and present:

This is the 'haunted room'... now known as The Robert Burns Room... even today it's known for it's infamous 'ghost

To find out more about this awesome B & B click on the Title Link. 
 The history of this place is pretty cool.

About eight years ago we visited this  
 B & B that was 
once my Aunt Ollie's home...

Athena and Lindsey tour the Castle grounds

Inside the Castle, Athena and Lindsey
befriending a knight.  

Oh, the memories 
of days gone by 
in this unique Castle!