Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Delaware Shipyard Shops

We had time to kill before the show on Saturday, so we visited  Delaware's Shipyard Shops along the river.  Most of the shops were either empty or closed. 

 I tried to find information online about the place but this is all I could come up with:

Walk the gorgeous brick and board walkways at one of Delaware's beautiful riverfront shopping areas—Shipyard Shops in Wilmington, Delaware. The outlet shops at Shipyard Shops offer tax-free shopping for even more savings for you! You'll love the beautiful surroundings as you shop at about 15 outlets like Big Dogs, Blair Catalog Outlet, BonWorth, Coldwater Creek Incredible Outlet, Dress Barn/Dress Barn Woman, Factory Brand Shoes, L'eggs/Hanes/Bali/Playtex, L.L. Bean Factory Store, Lillian Vernon, Nautica, Totes/Isotoner/Sunglass World. You can also get a delicious bite to eat at Harry's Seafood, Iron Hill Brewery or The Riverfront Market. If you walk the entire walkway around the shops and riverwalk you can get a bit over a mile's worth of exercise! When you need a shopping break, take a river taxi ride around Wilmington before finishing off your shopping day! What a treat! 

Which didn't explain the unique statues that we encountered during our walk around the place.

This one was the most unusual of all. (below) From what I gather, it was put together by a 
classroom of children???  
Check out all of the miscellaneous stuff that
 defines this guy! 

Dentures???  Egad! 

(Above) This one's my fave!

  Fancy seeing 'ear' here.

Dear Diary,

Something came up yesterday, and I wasn't able to get my rabies shot.  Mom said I dodged the bullet.
What's a bullet?  The only thing I know how to dodge are balls.  Should I be happy or sad about this?  
She said something about rescheduling.  Then she said some words that made my head twist and turn> vet. go. buick. 
Humans are confusing.  Gracie.