Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You Can't Go Back, Can You?

When Gary and I first met about fifteen years ago we stopped off at Cornish Manor in Oakland for a romantic dinner.  The ambiance was amazing and I remember thinking about how incredibly lucky I was to have found such a romantic, handsome, funny guy.   Dusk had come and we sat in the car for just a moment before going inside and I thought I'd melt when he kissed me that night.  

We were young then (not even fifty!!) and our love was new.  We ate dinner by candlelight in one of the uniquely decorated rooms and then we went upstairs to see what trouble we could get into...

I remember that night so vividly and I thought about it on Saturday when we decided to do a re-run...  kinda...

Day trip to Oakland!

I look at pictures of us back then and pictures from now, and I think...  where in the world did those in between years go!

Somewhere in the waves of time we both turned gray and older.

 The fun stuff upstairs at the restaurant is gone and it's all about fine dining now.  Hmmmm....  Wonder what they ever did with that armless gal?

Just as Gary and I changed through the years, Cornish Manor changed a bit as well.

There is a saying out there... somewhere...  "You can't go back..."

I do not find that to be entirely true.  We went back on Saturday.  

And I had fried oysters and lobster bisque.

It was quiet. peaceful. nice. fun.

A prelude to our 14th anniversary which will be coming up in September.

The scenery in Oakland is breathtaking.  God's beauty.  His handiwork.  

Psalm 37:4  Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give  you the desires of your heart.

While I was visiting Oakland with my romantic, fun, handsome husband...  I did indeed delight myself in the LORD ... in awe.

And my hearts desire for the day happened to be one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of butter pecan on a homemade waffle cone.

Did you miss us Gracie?

Not really.  I slept all day.  I enjoyed the quiet time.  I didn't have to answer to nobody and I did not get yelled at for barking at the mailman.  Did I miss you?  You bet I did.  I sat at the window all. day. long. waiting on your return.  I did not think I would survive, I was so very lonely without you.  I thought for sure you'd bring me home something.  a bone.  a treat.  a toy.  dairy queen.  anything to show your appreciation for a guard dog who watched the house diligently and bravely all day while you were away.  I was so glad you didn't spend your time away together obsessing about me, and that you were able to forget all about me focus on one another for the day.  How sweet.  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

First, A Plan

 Taking three kids school shopping is not high on my list of things that I love to do.  "I'll need your help," I told Lindsey (my daughter).  

First the plan.  

My demands:

 Complete cooperation (stay settled and focus on the plan....  also stay in sight and do not wander off JAKE!  No complaints!  Do not be impatient/picky/obnoxious/hard to get along with MARISSA!  

We split up.

Lindsey and Summer teamed up and Jake and Marissa stayed with me.  

First Jake.  I was impressed with his ability to shop sensibly and his taste in style was Grammy-approved.  Good job, Jake!

Marissa next.  First thing in the basket was a jacket.  Fifty dollars??!!  I asked her if it was something she could not live without.  It was indeed something she could not live without, so it made it's way to the checkout.  It was on sale half price plus I got 30% off my entire order at Kohls.  Not so bad.  

Meanwhile in the girls section Lindsey had big success with Summer, who starts pre-K this fall.  Summer is laid-back and easy.  She loves everything girly.  She is a star shopper!

A new back pack for Rissi.  

A new pair of shoes for Jake.  

Then a toy for each for being such good shoppers.  Jake picked out a toy and shirt for his brother too.

And so ended our back-to-school shopping spree, 2016.

The older kids were oohing and aaahhhing as they watched the numbers go up on the cash register while checking out.  We weren't sure what our total would be...    I held my breath and Lindsey was looking a little unsure.  Riss and Jake were giggling, and being wowed by the increasing numbers.  The girl checking us out told the kids that their grammy must really love them to buy them all this stuff.  (She is right!)

It was okay.  The total was in the range that I expected and I got a nice chunk of Kohl's cash to spend next week.  

At 30% off our entire purchase it was a great time to shop!  And we shopped early enough that there were a lot of choices yet.  

I did not ask for the style show that followed, but it blessed my heart that these kids appreciated the clothes and that they showed me their appreciation by taking the time to model their new clothes before jumping in the pool on this hot summers day.

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Grand Sunday

The second the organ music started playing in church, Jasper bowed his head to pray.

Jake takes his brothers cue and prays too....

They have their dollars ready to put in the collection plate...

Later some Summer fun with my new IPad Pro...  

Will the real Summer please stand up...

And we can't forget the oldest...  Marissa..  a real water bug.  

Hope your Sunday was a good one too.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Heat Is On

If it wouldn't have been in the dead of summer I would have dressed for the occasion.

But I just couldn't see me investing money in a poodle skirt, bobby socks, and a pair of saddle oxfords for one morning of fun...  not when temps were pushing ninety and I knew darn well that I would literally die in anything other than sandals.  Now if this 50's extravaganza would have happened in the fall or winter I would have considered it..  I'm always ready to join in on the fun! 

 Costume judging wasn't till one o'clock anyway and we were making a bee line for our backyard pool by then.  

But it was a relaxing morning browsing the antique market in Hancock, Md. and I even made a few purchases.  The oldies blasting from the speakers took us back to a simpler time.  
Oh, to be young again!

Anytime Gary or I pick up a hat to model, the other always teases.  "Head lice! Head lice!"  Hey, ya never know where that hat might have been!  

But there we are...  always living on the edge.

No, I did not buy the hat...  though it was so me...   

But I did take advantage of the 10 cent root beer float and the free popcorn.  Both were soooooo totally yummy!  A perfect morning.

By the time we made it home the heat was on!

 And the pool was calling our name.

Check out miss nosey peering through the gate to see what's going on.  

Friday, July 8, 2016

Getting Political.... uh oh!

I am going to ramble here.  First I'd like to talk about racism.  I know.  A touchy subject in light of what is going on in our country.  It seems to me that politicians try to make trouble with the people in order to gain power.  The media too.  I see evil people.  It is my belief that our current president has created a division in our country, through pitting blacks against whites and religions against other religions.  No hate mail, please.  This is my opinion and you are entitled to yours.  My conclusions go more like this:  Good vs. evil.

During our nightly walk with Gracie we encounter many neighbors on their porches, washing their cars, walking their dogs, etc.  One neighbor will go out of his way to speak to us and give us a friendly smile, while another will purposely keep from making eye contact.  The nicest, kindest guy we run across is the black guy up the street.  I hope I am not condemned for calling him black...  but I don't think he would mind, because he is.  And I am white.  And the guy who won't speak or make eye contact is of foreign decent.  None of that makes a difference though, you know?  The color of our skin.  Our religion.  Our beliefs.  It is who we are.  My point is to be kind and courteous to everyone.  And do not make assumptions or create divisions where there need not be strife...  only love.

There are many other 'issues' taking place in our current events.  Pro life vs pro choice.  Homosexual vs heterosexual.  Christianity vs Muslim.  Feminist vs masculist.  And the list goes on and on.

News is no longer televised at 12, 6 and 11.  You can now know what is happening when it is happening.  The problem is, the media runs out of news and so they have to manipulate and create news that will elevate our blood pressure and divide us even more as a nation.  God help us.

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, opinions and sought-out resources.  We are one nation under GOD.  The problem I see is that there are a whole lot of 'gods' that have manipulatively replaced the one true GOD.    I am thankful to know a GOD who has given me standards through his WORD that I will not be swayed or manipulated by current events.  I simply go to my Bible and if He says it, then I know it is true and right.   I am thankful for teachers and scholors who can lead me to a better understanding when I become confused.  I am thankful for my own mind.  My own heart.  My own soul.  That not one person can change my heart, only GOD.

I am saddened by the state of our country.   We have become self centered and corrupt in our thinking because we have been manipulated into believing lies.

I am drawn to true, honest people.  Whether they believe as I do or not...  if they have integrity and truth as their core, then I enjoy my time with them.   GOD Is love and satan is a liar.  GOD's love is clear as a bell.  satan's lies are deceiving and ugly.

I believe there are angels among us.  Good and evil ones.  Be careful.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Samson's Special Day

From the day when we first met,
Right here on the Internet.
I was bold and you were smitten,
With my reputation you could get bitten.

But you persevered and buried your fears,
And told me I had lovely ears.
In your eyes was love and mystery,
All the rest in just our history.

I love you and you love me,
Together in cyber-space we'll always be.
So Samson on your special day,
I am honored to be able to say I BELONG TO YOU
and I wish I knew how this could rhyme...


Happy Birthday you handsome fella you!!!  

Licks and nudges and more licks,


Go now all, HERE to wish my big beautiful guy a happy 7th birthday today!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Changed my Mind?

Sharon.  It's what you said....

I loved Life With Jack and Jill and was really sorry to see you shut it down... so now I am having second thoughts.

Plus, I am having a real problem understanding how to work with WordPress.  So I have changed my mind and will keep this blog going for now.

Sorry all...  

Maybe if I give this a facelift or something. ....  Thank  you all for the kind words.

Count me out.  I'm still tired.  ~Gracie~

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ending My Blog

Since June of 2010, I have created and entered 837 blog posts here.  That's 6 years of blogging about nothing.  For those who have stuck it out and hung in there the whole time, God bless you!  Your presence in my life these past six years has often brought a smile to my face and happiness to my heart.  There's no friend like a blogging friend!  They seem to love you from the inside out.  

I've decided to shut down my blog on blogger and go in a new direction.  Gracie's tired.  I'm tired.  We tend look at one another and say, "Now what?"

I have made so many wonderful friends here, and I would love to continue to follow your blogs and keep in touch...  so I will search out my regular visitors and follow them if that is possible to do.  I'm not sure how this blog thing works, but my intentions are to build on a blog I had started years ago through WordPress and never did a whole lot with.

For those who want details or to follow me through my WordPress blog, please email me at bobbiejophillip@yahoo.com and I will send you a link when I get it up and running.  It might be a week or so..  WordPress seems to me to be a bit more complicated than blogger.

I'm interested in putting this blogger blog onto book... just because I do silly things like that.   I saw once where someone actually had that done with their blog.  Does anyone know an easy way of doing that?

Anyway, This blog will be up for another couple of days before I retire it....  And then we're moving on ;-)

Gracie has a Facebook page for those who are interested in keeping up with her.

I am not sure how this will work.  I may have to stay on blogger in some form in order to be able to visit you and comment on your blogs.  I will be work-shopping all that.

All for now..  Gracie and me

Sunday, July 3, 2016

It's Gone

To fully appreciate what I am about to say, you may want to go back and re-read my April entry



So there I was in church today... thinking...  wondering.  Did they tear down my brother's old house yet?  I had forgotten to look on the way in.  I had this funny feeling though, that they had.  I made a mental note to myself to check on my way out.  And when I did, I couldn't find it.


I thought maybe it was hiding behind some trees.  I second guessed myself assuming that I was not looking far enough beyond the trees.  It was there last week.  

It couldn't just disappear in one week.  

But it had.

Jim's voice could be heard somewhere inside my head, "I'll be coming home in the spring to go through the old house."  

It was his anchor, that old house, for a very special and long season of his life.   

I cried all the way home. 

Then I wiped away my tears and enjoyed the here and now.  Grand-angels came to swim and eat pizza, shrimp and ice cream and play games in the yard. 

Anvil enjoyed the attention...

and so did Gracie.  

Dear Diary,

Today I learned that I am the master.  I always thought dad was the master.  But the CupCake and ShortStuff said I was the master.  And they started walking like me and following me through the yard acting like me.  Imagine that?  Me, a master...  Now.  To convince dad of this...  Gracie.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Liking You

Whether it's wearing your Grammy's best shirt...

Or dressing to the T in purple silk and lace...  

If, at the end of the day, you like the person looking back at you in the mirror...

You are honoring God.  For it is He who has created you.  In His Image.