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Monday, July 11, 2016

A Grand Sunday

The second the organ music started playing in church, Jasper bowed his head to pray.

Jake takes his brothers cue and prays too....

They have their dollars ready to put in the collection plate...

Later some Summer fun with my new IPad Pro...  

Will the real Summer please stand up...

And we can't forget the oldest...  Marissa..  a real water bug.  

Hope your Sunday was a good one too.


  1. Your iPad edit is cool! How were you not caught snapping the kids in church? They are growing up the right way!

  2. Grand, indeed! Church hadn't started yet, right?
    Did all the kids come to spend part of the day with you in the pool? Fun times!

  3. when I was a child I remember getting filled with excitement waiting for the collection plate to come around so I could make my contribution. Those are sweet pictures of the boys. That pool looks so inviting. ENJOY these dog days of summer. OK Gracie and company?

  4. What an adorable bunch of cutie pies!

  5. A wonderful day you had! How precious with the boys praying at church. All your grands are so very cute!



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