Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing a Chicken Salad and a Glass of Wine Won't Fix

About the tractor photo from yesterday:  

Gary couldn't get the lawnmower out of drive, so he put the brake on when he was up against the tree.  He thought it was out of drive, and he left go of the brake.  It was still in drive, so it climbed up the tree with him on it.  He rolled off (not thinking about turning it off)....  Both hubby and tractor are okay :)

I've been having trouble getting my email and messages on my Android, so I spent half the afternoon at the US Cellular kiosk in the mall.  A very sweet girl by the name of Vanna worked feverishly trying to get me straightened out.  In the end, I asked her if there was a charge and she said "no".  I tried to give her $20 for her trouble, but she wouldn't take it.  I felt badly because she was stuck helping me and had to give up on a commissioned sale and she was SO NICE ABOUT IT.  Don't let anyone tell you that there are no longer any good people in the world.  THERE ARE!!!  

Lindsey called me right after my cell phone was fixed- at 5:45PM.  "Rissie dances at the nursing home at 6:15."  I FORGOT!!!  "Lindsey!" I said, "You have to remind me of these things."  (I have way too much going on these days).  So I put up a closed sign and sped out - en route to the nursing home where Rissie would be dancing.  But first I had to stop at the house and get my camera which I usually always carry in my purse... but not today.  I ran into the house, did a quick 'there she is! there she is!' with Gracie (that's what I chant whenever I come in the house from being away)...  grabbed my camera DEAD BATTERY.  Grabbed my video camera.  DEAD BATTERY.  Gary said, "use my video camera".  BATTERY WEAK - but better than nothing.  Thank goodness for my cell, which was now working - and it takes a pretty good picture.  No time for dinner - Had to run.  
The show was already started...  but I found some nice nursing home residents who allowed me to plop down onto the floor in front of them.  See-  MORE NICE PEOPLE!  


I came home, made a delicious chicken salad and enjoyed it with a glass of wine.  And here I am.

Today's sky was awesome.  I had to take a quick picture (with my phone)  on my way into work this morning.

My heart hurts for those devastated by the recent rash of tornados and storms.  I'm praying for you all.

Dear Diary,

I'm counting the days till the stitches come out and I'll be free to be me!  Until then, find me depressed and hiding in the back room under the bed. Gracie.