Saturday, April 9, 2011


Spring is in the air.

Gracie smells it.

And here I am...  on my way to Delaware...

 Jason Bishop is a well known magician who is performing in Wilmington, Delaware at the Grand today.  GP's mom once provided years of foster care for him and now he has saved us some tickets to his show :)

Travel was not good.  Plenty of rain, slowed traffic and yes... we got lost briefly.  

Yahoo maps wasn't enough.  I had to fire up my navigator on my Android to get us back on the right track.

As far as hotels go> I gave Trip Advisor one more chance.  This Holiday Inn Express was rated right there on top as far as the reviews go.  

My faith in Trip Advisor has been restored.  A sparkling  hotel that smells clean and the Internet even works.

Last night I decided to take my turn (Scrabble) with the game my sister and I are playing (her on her IPhone, me on my ITouch IPod).  

Sorry.  But I need to brag.  I got 95 points > my word-Crayons.  She's a school teacher so it always does my heart good to beat her in Scrabble.  Of course the game's not over yet...  so I should stop gloating I suppose.

Well, gotta get ready for the Magic Show this afternoon.  I hope everyone is having a beautiful Saturday.