Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Dog's Life

Dear Diary,

My human, who calls herself Mom, has lost her marbles.  No,  really.  I knew she was kind of wacky when on our walks she started putting my defecation in bags and bringing it home with us.  One day she's yelling at me for doing such a thing on the floor, next day she's dragging it home from afar.  Who can figure her out?

But I put up with her and her shenanigans because she does toss me  some pretty tasty treats once in a while.  However... the lady has a lot of fun at my expense. 

This outfit's five years old for crying out loud!  I've put on a few pounds since then.  When I heard her saying "oh, Gracie... look what I found..." I knew I was in trouble.  But what the heck, gotta keep  her happy.

It wasn't bad enough that she poured me into a dress that barely fits... but then she parades me outside for all the world to see.  Ugh!

I'm going to bed now and I'm going to try to forget this day ever happened.  Gracie.