Thursday, April 8, 2021


 This is a hard blog entry to write. 

What do we know about angels and how they represent themselves in this crazy world of ours?  From my understanding, there are good and bad ones and they come in many different 'forms'.  Only God knows the truth about them and how He uses them in our lives.  

The year 2020 brought an angel into our lives in  MANDY BAXTER.  I believe this because her presence accomplished a whole lot of good, which included:

* God showed me the importance of praying before taking action.  It's why we should pray without ceasing.  I never felt a peace about taking Mandy to the animal shelter ....  hence the rescue a week later!  

* God gave my granddaughters joy, laughter, purpose, and love in so many ways during a trying time  ~2020 PANDEMIC~ (while schools were closed and life was uncertain) He brought an angel into their lives.

* God strengthened them by allowing them to have this angel for just a while.  They became stronger by having felt the sting of death and sadness from losing something they had grown to love dearly.   

Had we not taken Mandy to the shelter for that week after she had appeared in our yard, I'm pretty sure she would have never gotten sick.  

Note:  Always pray over a decision, ask God's direction, and never make a decision without feeling His peace.   

Mandy's 6-month presence here brought so much to light.  

Thank you, God, for Angel Mandy and for the many messages well received.  

I believe we will see our angel again, and we will know her and she will know us.  Rest peacefully, sweet baby girl.


Thursday, April 1, 2021

24 Shots!! I Kid You Not!

 This happened last week.

Husband kept talking about a little bird that was frequenting our bird feeder.  I paid no mind to him, really.  He's always talking about the different varieties of birds that he sees outside our bedroom window feeding.  Still, every day I must hear about Itty-Bitty, the tiny bird that he had never seen there before. 

 I had just gotten out of the shower and was in the bedroom to get ready for my day and outside the bedroom window, sat perched quietly eating of the birdseed, was the little bird he'd been talking about!

It was really cute.  So, I gingerly picked up my phone to get a shot. 

 Got it!  

I drew in just a little closer for another shot.  Success!  

The closer I was able to get, the more excited I got.  

This little bird was adorable, and it was posing so nicely.  After (I kid you not!) 20 different shots, each one a little closer, I felt really intelligent when I recognized this bird as being a baby owl.  

24 shots in, and I was right on top of the thing and still, it posed!  

That's when Husband walked into the room and I gushed...  "I see the little bird you were talking about and I got tons of pictures!  It's almost posing for the camera, and I'm pretty sure it's a baby owl!" I'll bet he'd never gotten such good shots of Baby Owl!  "Look!  There it is!"  Baby Owl still sat, motionless.

He laughed.  

It wasn't meant for a practical joke or anything like that, he had put the fake bird there for decoration.  But!!!    The fact that it fooled me so impeccably gave him great satisfaction.  

There's no fool like an old fool.   

I can't think of a better day to share this story than today.