Friday, September 2, 2016


My Grand-Angels are growing up....  

I cannot believe that Summer has started Pre K this year.  She loves it, by the way.   She's made a lot of new friends and gets to eat lunch at the same time her sister does.  Rissi is thrilled to have her best friend going to the same school.  They ride the bus home together.

Jake returns to all of his friends this year and seems happy to be back.  Everyone loves Jake!  He's that kind of guy!!  Always considering others feelings.  Always helping a friend in need.

I shouldn't dare blink.  The next thing ya know Jasper will be joining the rest and I will be left wondering what happened to the past few years.

Cooler days are upon us and fall is just around the corner.  A new school year.  New beginnings.   

The kids seem happy to be back to routine.  And I enjoy the updates on their progress and the cute pictures sent from my kids.  

Gracie says:

We have too many kids around.  They yell and jump and laugh and run and carry on getting on my last nerve.  
JUST KIDDING!  GOT MY PAWS CROSSED! BOL!   I love the little cookie carriers and I miss them when they are gone.