Monday, January 31, 2011

Dr. Phil

Guess who called our house the other night?

Good ol' Dr Phil.  Well, it wasn't actually him that called... but an assistant producer.  Once again, they wanted Gary to do a show on Parental Alienation.  This is the 4th time they've called us in the past few years.  

 Gary said "OF COURSE I WILL!"

But the problem is, they won't do a show without both the mother and father of the alienated child.  Gary's X refuses to go on.  Why would she?  Guilty people don't want to be exposed.  His daughter was drugged, brainwashed, bribed, and hypnotized and finally she turned against her father.  I used to be angry about it, but I'm not so much any more.  I'm mostly sad.  

And so...  the show once again will not happen.  

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Gary's daughter was turned against him in '06 in one of the cruelest, most horrible cases of parental alienation I've yet to find.   I didn't even know what parental alienation was!  When I googled some of the things that were going on, that's when I discovered what was happening.  

Jealousy is terrible thing.  I'm sorry that the X felt threatened.  We did not mean for her to feel that way. We only wanted Athena to feel loved.

Some memories.  The last few pictures were of the last time we ever saw Athena. After that visit, she was not to return.

 She is now an adult.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Will Guard My Words

I think this is the longest I've ever stayed home.  One week down.  One more to go.  I guess I shouldn't have mentioned a while back on my 
Facebook page that I'd like to 
hibernate until spring. 
 This is not what I meant.

I will guard my words from here on out.  

Let it go on record that I am now 
asking for $10,000- no strings attached.

It was a good Sunday though, and I'm feeling better with each day.   

 These two have been taking such good care of me.  Here they are with their morning hair - and faces. 

Gracie's eyes have gone from worried to annoyed... 
'oh no! not another picture!!'

   I snapped a picture on my journey 
out into the living room.  

Yea, I know.  
It doesn't get much more exciting than this.  

Then I had a fun visit with my little Rissa.  We played games on my phone...  Princess makeover, Baby makeover, and Sponge Bob memory.  

Then I let her take my Get Well Balloon home.  
It seems Pinkie 
(her best-est stuffed-bear friend) is ill.
 She needs it more than I do. 

Get Well Pinkie.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Observe a Snowflake

Hubby went outside today and took
 some pictures of snowflakes.

They look like little stars.

I find this fascinating. Beautiful.  Amazing.

And rarely do I stop and look closely at one.

Is life so hectic...

That there's no time to observe a snowflake?

If  you don't have this on your list of things 
to do today...  add it.  It only takes a minute.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Late yesterday afternoon the snow started coming down pretty heavy.  This is looking outside of our bedroom window.    The clothes line to the left is where Gracie runs when she goes out.  Last year when we had our 3 foot storm she didn't get very far...  only a small area where I shoveled.  

This snow wasn't so bad.  
Less than a foot. 

But it was pretty.

I wonder if we'll get a whopper storm 
this winter like last years.  


Everyone Has A Story


I finally finished the book I was reading.  
It's not like I don't have any time on my hands.

 I love a good memoir, and this was one.

I'm not sure why I prefer reading memoir.  I guess I enjoy getting to know people, and how they lived and what made them who they are today.  I like lighthearted stories... ones that are fun and witty - A slice of life.  

Everyone has a story.  

So now, where do I go from here? 
 Finishing a good book is great... 
but then there's the task of finding an 
equally good one to move on to.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Dogs Life

Dear Diary,

  'A dogs life' 
It's a cushy life if you're a dog... at least that's what they say.  All us dogs do is eat, sleep, beg food, play ball, and potty. 

Ha!  I'd like to know what dog that is.  Walk in my paws once...  see how a dog really lives. 

First of all...  I have a job to do every single day.  I watch the house.  It's not easy either, what with strangers walking up and down the road and buses, mail carriers, and other animals  lurking about.

And then, if one of your peoples get sick.  Guess who's nurse?  

A dog's work is never done.  Oh, it's not the keeping the feet warm or the face wet with kisses that's the hard part.  

It's the worry.  Will my people i.e. Mom or Dad ever get better and play ball with me again?

It snowed out today.  Just a few inches Dad said.  More later. Hmm.  I can't really be thinking of that right now.

Even though I'd like to go scamper about and forget all my cares...

I have a job to do.  And while I'm being nurse to Mom and helping her get better...

These guys have promised to watch
 the house for me.

Like I said before... 
 It's not easy being me.

But Mom says I'm doing a wonderful job and she's starting to feel better already.  Gracie.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing To Write

Just thought I'd share an old Photo Show I made two years ago.

  Hey, I'm desperate here.  

All I can do is lay around... and Gracie is giving me absolutely nothing to write about.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hospital Horror ~ Part 2

Hospital Horror ~ Part 2

Last night was crazy.  I think I was still coming off of that nasty anesthesia.  My blood pressure was 180/127 at one point and I told Hubby I must be having a heart attack since my throat was hurting so bad.  The paranoia from the anesthesia had followed me home from the hospital.  (Thanks for the advise Sharon.  I would have never thought of getting the name of it... I didn't know you could do that)
While I was in the hospital I kept hearing the intercom saying: "patient walking" and "patient coughing".  Every time I'd move my legs ...  there it would be.  "Patient walking".  What the heck.  How did they know every move I made?  Every time I'd cough it was "Patient coughing".  LOL. I came to find out later that it was something else entirely.  
But I wasn't imagining that I was about to burst because I needed to go to the bathroom.  It was a 'kink' in the catheter bag...  If I wouldn't have finally said something it would have been ugly.  That happened 2X.

Last night while falling asleep I was jumpy and jittery probably from coming off the paranoia anesthesia (maybe that's its name). And also, my sister said my sore throat is because of the breathing tube.  
So much I don't know.

Today I'm trying to get myself organized so that Hubby doesn't have to keep bringing me stuff.  Though I feel okay, I don't want to break open any stitches.  Gary asked doc how many stitches.  "A lot" was his answer.  

Being dependent on someone else is the pits. I now understand why some elderly people get grouchy when they can no longer take care of themselves.  I'm thankful though, for a great guy who does nothing to make me feel this way...

But on the bright side...  

Beautiful flowers in January...

Candy and Cakes....

Special Cards...

And homemade chocolate chip cookies...

I'm hoping to get caught up on blogs tomorrow. I really miss knowing what's going on in your world.

Much thanks and love to everyone!

Dear Diary,

My routine has been interrupted by Mom sleeping in the back room.  I guess I'll just curl up at her feet till I figure this one out.  Gracie.