Thursday, January 27, 2011


Late yesterday afternoon the snow started coming down pretty heavy.  This is looking outside of our bedroom window.    The clothes line to the left is where Gracie runs when she goes out.  Last year when we had our 3 foot storm she didn't get very far...  only a small area where I shoveled.  

This snow wasn't so bad.  
Less than a foot. 

But it was pretty.

I wonder if we'll get a whopper storm 
this winter like last years.  



  1. Oh, those are great pictures from last year! I love Gracie trying to see above the snow!!! Is your shed pink or is that just the way the light is?

  2. Oh hows beeeeeeautifuls your snow is (but, you can keep it ALL to yourself).
    Nows, we gots 7 inches heres last time and lemme just say...I couldn't walk in dat. You know, cuz I has short but, gorgeous legs. Imagine having to go pee in dat.

    Poor Gracie looks like her is struggling and her world has been turned upside down.


  3. Poor Gracie, she had such a small potty area then. That was a whole lot of snow!

  4. Oooh, make it go away!... I want Spring and Gracie told me she does too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Ugh! I wonder how deep the snow was before "global warming"? The most I remember is a tad over 5' for the whole winter and it was an exceptional winter. Poor Gracie!

  6. Whopper bopper stopper boo....bring on the snow...'cause I likes it too! Sorry it just had to come out. Those snow shots were beauties...and Gracie and the little one are so cute.

  7. Whopper bopper sto......what's that?! I am not responsible!
    Cute pics of last years storm. I'm with you Bobbi....let's have a BIG one this year.

  8. I hope we don't. I am about snowed out already.

  9. Yep, that's snow all right. Too much of it. Pretty to look at, if it's on someone else's blog! LOL


  10. Beautiful Snow Photos!

    Not so bad. Less than a foot of snow!

    I haven't seen a foot of snow since I visited our local mountains about 5 years ago :-)

  11. Poor Gracie!!! She wants to jump over that snow and run.... Ragsy goes thru the same here til hubby gets out with the snowblower. Nice pics but I am counting down the days til SPRING, YAY...

  12. Wow...that was a lot of snow! I am praying that NC sees no more snow EVER! Ok, I know that's a pipe dream so I'll just say no more until next winter. I am so ready for spring!


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