Sunday, June 26, 2016


Grabbed this badge from Facebook.  It describes my thoughts for the day.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Dear Diary,
I wonder if my mom even knows.  How much I love her.  When she walks in the room I get excited.  When she asks if she can sit in her chair, I don't mind jumping down and letting her sit there, that's really why I'm there to begin with - so she will notice me... and ask me to get down.  When she sits on the floor with me and rubs my ears and looks in my eyes, I am comforted.  When she leaves her slippers on the floor, they become a part of her that I can be close to when she is busy doing something else.  Without my pack, I'd be lost.  Dad.  Mom.  Me.  We are inseparable.  (except when they leave me here all alone to do people stuff such as marketing, movie, shopping, visiting, etc.)  hey... wait a minute. that's no way to treat a pack member.  Poor me.   Gracie.