Monday, February 21, 2011

Pink Floyd Experience and Love Your Pet Day

I'm back.  I had to take care of 
a few things out of town.  


Having a piece of the best chocolate cake ever...

and attending a Pink Floyd Experience concert
 in Lancaster, Pa. 

 It was great, by the way, and our seats were wonderful...  took the above video on the way out!!  

And watching this sweet pooch get his hiney shaved at the Pet Smart Grooming center.  Look at that face.  Isn't he a sweetheart?!  And he was such a good sport.
If he could talk, what do you suppose he would say?  

It's good to be back to my Gracie.  And by the way, I think I fixed her poopy problem before I left.  It seems she had some matted in her butt fur so I cleaned and cut her fur there and she hasn't had an accident since then.  She was probably just trying to get that disgusting stuff off of her.

Dear Diary,

February 20 was 'love your pet day'.  Wouldn't you know I'd be left alone on the very day I was supposed to be loved?   

And is it any wonder that I tore up a newspaper and spread it through the house, threw pillows on the floor (along with other important stuff), and refused to eat....  

Well...  I refused to eat until Lindsey and Rissa came and fed me.  Then I caved.

So as a peace offering I get this funny looking toy that squeaks real loud.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  I love the toy.  But I smell a rat.  Or should I say I smell a dog...  on Mom's clothes.   It seems to me she might have been "loving another pet" on Love Your Pet day. 

I guess I'm supposed to forgive, forget, and watch the house like a good dog.  And I guess I will.  Gracie.