Tuesday, June 26, 2012

it's what we're up to

since my dear mom is being lazy engrossed in many other projects at this time and continues on her bloggy break, I thought I'd give you heads up on what she's really been up to. 

let's see.  she sprayed lysol on my pile of toys trying to kill the ugliest spider she'd ever seen, then screamed and sucked it up into the noisy animal thingy, then got all worried cause she couldn't find it's remains anywhere.  my problem? i think not.

she went crazy one day and brought home not one... not two... not three... but a half a dozen large carpet remnants and put them throughout the house.  dad says she has a carpet fetish.  i say...  i have a whole lotta new places to poop.  

and speaking of poop...  i've been pooping a lot lately.   the nag mom says she thought she heard someone talking today but nobody was in the room but me... then she came over and put her ear to my belly and said, gracie...  you have issues!!  really?  

she's threatened to bath me, but keeps putting it off.  what did i tell you? lazy, eh?  she says i'm getting groomed next week.  about time!  

mostly though, she's on the phone back and forth with my aunt, working on the book she's getting published soon, and laughing.  she's been laughing a lot lately.  i know.  some strange stuff going on here..    *insert twilight zone theme song here*  

weather here has been awesome. great. fantastic. perfect. gorgeous. to-die-for and we spend a lot of time outside on the swing, savoring each moment, according to mom.

 we are enjoying our summer.  how about you?