Sunday, April 12, 2015

Purge or Pack?

I will be seriously, no,  seriously  turning 60 in a matter of fourteen days.  

It is time to think more of my heavenly home and think less of my earthly one.  They say you can't take it with you.  I get that.

I. have. seriously. become. a. hoarder. of. sentimental. stuff.  I have a real hard time throwing anything of sentimental value away.  This is crazy, especially now since three of my grandchildren are drawing pictures and sweet 'I love you Grammy' notes.  


Lots of changes going down in the Phillip household in the next couple of weeks.  Included in these changes:  Gary's uncle coming to live with us (in the rear office apartment). Loss of space.  A gigantic, huge, GIGANTIC yard sale.  Purging! Purging! Purging!

Honestly, I have nowhere to go with anything.

We have collected so much 'stuff' that when we go to look for something it is easier to buy new than to figure out where it may be.  

The stuff = GOING BYE-BYE!  

I mean it!

My closet.  Bye-bye clothes.  

I can get rid of 2/3 and still have enough to last the rest of my life .... even if I make it to ONE HUNDRED and TWO!

And so.  This project is BIG but one by one I am chipping away.  Hoping to have the yard sale early to mid May.

So whadda ya think?  Which of the following sentimental 'stuff' is  being purged and which is  being packed?

In 8th grade I started writing stories.  I put my best friend and myself in the cast of this one.  Woo Hoo!  Loved that show!

Another story.  Once again, my best friend and I were cast as main characters.  Do you remember Here Come The Brides?  Oh how I loved Bobby Sherman!
The middle son's blankie.
A list of residents in the nursing home that I took care of when I was a nursing assistant.  I blotted out their names just in case they are still alive and kicking (which I strongly doubt).
My dad's silver tie that he wore on his and mom's 25th wedding anniversary.  There was a horrific snow storm that day.  I have pictures of him and mom in our small kitchen where they were forced to have the festivities because of the weather.
In my Mom's wallet when she passed away.  The top picture is my niece Diane who just passed away this past November.
A CB radio card from friends of my dad's
Another CB radio card.  I can remember talking to my cousin on that CB radio....  like it was yesterday.  KKI 2433, KKI2433...  this is KKI 4725, do you copy?   What a thrill!
A postcard to Mom from Dad
The front of the postcard
My mom's dialyses log.  Every day.  Four times a day we would record BP, Temp, Weight, Which # exchange (fluid) to go in and how much came out.  It was an emotional time in my life.  A time where I grew stronger than I ever thought possible.
After Mom's recovery (she had been sick and close to death for 3 months), at her assisted living place...  one of her first days back home I took her downstairs to the activity room because someone was there leading songs.  I remember thinking HOW  BLESSED I AM because my Mom was still with me.  This was the sheet music.  I can still see my mom's smile as she sang these words.  She was happy to be alive.
My brother's rattle

My Dad's old glasses.  Weirdest prescription I've ever seen.  

So there you have it.  And this does not even make a dent in the sentimental stuff...  oh no, not at all. 

"NO!  Don't you dare get rid of that!  Do my puppy years mean nothing at all to you, woman!!??"