Wednesday, December 8, 2021

~~ Happy Birthday Summer ~~

The minute I laid eyes upon her, she stole my heart.

She loves dolls, stuffed animals, pets, fidget spinners, karate, and sparkly things.  She is always careful about other's feelings and would never say a cross word to anyone.  Now that she's ten, I'm noticing an eye-roll now and again.  But hey, she's  entering her pre-teen years so I just give an eye-roll right back.  

I'll always miss her years of innocence.  

But I love the young lady she is becoming.  Happy 10th Birthday to my Christmas angel.  

Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad are getting old and it's becoming harder and harder to take care of them.  Take yesterday for instance.  They just had to go for a walk.  And it was cold outside!  But I bit the bullet (even tho I really felt more like biting them) and accompanied them to the tracks so they could get some much needed exercise.  I say much needed because.  Well. Dad gets out of breath pretty easily and Mom - well - she's packed on a few pounds if ya know what I mean.  Can't be too healthy.  So I humor them.  They say these outings are for me.  BOL!  Yea, right.  

Mom has become very needy and she's always dropping to the floor to massage my back end and whisper sweet stuff in my ear. She's lonely. It makes her feel better, so I pretend to be comforted by the madness.

Then there's the ramp.  The bed.  The insane way she now has our bedroom arranged!  There are bed side rails and suitcases and pillows and tall furniture up against our bed to keep me from inadvertently jumping off where it is not safe to jump off.  I know it's because they're afraid of falling out of bed in their old age. But hey.  I go along with their delusions.  I seriously think they don't even know they're old.  

But really, it's tiring.  Oh, there's more.  There's so much more.  But I'm exhausted now and need to rest.  If I know Mom, it'll be another all-nighter where she can't sleep and lays the blame on me.  Later.  Gracie.