Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Bushkill Falls Experience

Bushkill Falls Inn and Conference Center.   

It took a while to get to our 'room'.  

Directions: Go up the elevator to the third floor, walk all the way over to the other side of the hotel and then catch the elevator back down to the second floor where we walk down the hall, hang a right, go down a flight of steps, and our destination is on our right.  

Oh no!  The key card did not work!

Not to worry.  Help was on the way.  New cards were made and a kindly gentlemen delivered them to us as we waited patiently on the steps just outside our 'room'.

Beautiful room lounge apartment.  Not what we ordered, but a nice substitute.  The Third floor was inundated with Jewish families there for a bar mitzvah.  Each time we did the elevator exchange on floor #3 it would be 'let's see how many unsupervised kids we have to dodge to make it safely to our room'.  These kids were playing ball, carrying on, and running around while the grown ups gathered together ignoring their disruption and not making eye contact with us 'regular folk'.


Did we really need all this room?

Or the TV built into the bathroom mirror?

Looks like the little terrors left their bar mitzvah food on the steps

If I would have known I was going to run into Gary Lewis and Gary Puckett at 7AM, (void of makeup or combed hair, and sporting a puffy morning face), I would have got up an hour earlier to prepare.

But, so goes life.


Have you ever had someone paint a picture of a place, and when you got there you found it was nothing like you imagined?

Well, that was my experience with Bushkill Falls.

I was expecting a beautiful nature hike on a picturesque trail with streams, small wooden bridges to cross, and serenity now.

What I got was:  A 45 minute workout in the heat of the day walking up and down some of the steepest steps I've ever seen, experiencing heart palpitations and extreme anxiety as my little ol' claustrophobic self was led deeper and deeper away from the falls entrance and into what I call natures pit of confusion with a ton of other tourists (none who seemed to speak English) who seemed to be pushing me to go faster and faster up the narrow, steep steps that my legs could barely make.

Looking at the pictures, I will admit...  it was pretty.

But it was pretty from the top.

I didn't need to go in....  Really.

This was not on my bucket list.   But if it had been...  it would be one adventure I'd be happy to check off.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel....  up to the 3rd floor.  Dodge the unruly Bar mitzvah kids playing in the 3rd floor lobby and one almost brings a wall photo down as he throws a ball and it hits hard....  drag ourselves to the other side of the hotel....  catch the elevator to 2nd floor....  Another hall....  down the steps.....  to our home away from home.
Ugh.  The key cards are not working again.  Back up the steps,  to the other side of the hotel, on the elevater to 3rd floor,  dodge the kids as we walk to the other side.  Catch the elevator to the lobby. Get a new key card made.  And that's when I decided to let my frustrations be known.

"This is crazy!"  I said.  "A beautiful hotel like this... and kids are running wild on third floor!  I didn't sleep at all last night because kids were screaming and running about into the early morning hours outside of our room.  And another thing, Our suite has 2 bathrooms and a TV built into the mirror YET....  there is not a microwave in the room??  No coffee creamer because there are a certain 'group' that complained about having creamers in the room?! And nothing to stir coffee with!   We are bumming creamers from restaurants when we go out to eat because your hotel doesn't provide them.  When we got into the hottub and turned it on there was ucky brown stuff skimming the top so we got out as quick as we got in.  And key cards that do not work."

That felt better.

Later that night, a worker came, turned on the hot tub water for a few minutes then explained to us that the reason for the brown yuck was that this suite wasn't used very often.  It would be okay now.  Later that night when we tried again, the yuck was still there.

  The Highlight of the Hotel Experience:   Having my very own bathroom.

Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad left me here all alone.  Well, almost alone.  Lindsey, Short Stuff and the Cupcake were here with me a lot.  I love the Cupcake, but the verdict is still out on Short Stuff.  She moves a little fast sometimes.  It's only when she has a cookie in her hand that I trust her with everything I have.  Did I mention she loves it when I take cookies out of her hand?   Mom and Dad brought me back some guilt toys.  Hot diggety dog...  and I mean that, literally.  And hamburgers too.  Gracie.