Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Disclaimer.  I am about to bore you with lots of photos.

February 9, 1988.  I was so ready!  Our 4 room house had been turned into 5 rooms when my *then husband* petitioned off the boys room so we could make a little 'nursery' for our soon-to-be arrival.   There was no door on the room, basically it was like a part of the hall but we fixed that hall up to be a happy little place. 

.... shhhhh...  baby sleeping.

We did not know, boy or girl.  

Since we had 2 boys already...  we were elated!

I thought...  Life does not get any better than this!

Steak dinner was served to the proud parents.

And lots of gifts and flowers poured in. 

Unlike the constant attention the boys needed as infants, Lindsey was all about 'alone time'.  When she cried it was usually because she wanted to be put into her bed and not pressured into entertaining others with her smiles, coos and cuteness.  

"Just leave me alone"

The brothers took to her right away.  A little person they could control.

We didn't need to go on vacations.  
Our back yard served as some of the best moments life could offer.

This week of her 32nd birthday I reminisce about my little girl...

And stop to think about what a beautiful young lady she has become...

And I am 

Lindsey with her girls Rissi and Summer