Saturday, December 23, 2017

I Cheated

I'm not one to buy Christmas gifts just to buy something.  I think.  I ponder.  search...  for just the right gift.  

It was tough this year thinking of something for #2 Son.  What to get.. what to get...

He is a writer.  And so I thought this cup appropriate.

One of the favorites for my kids in the gift receiving department is when I fill big bags with freshly backed cookies and fudge for each one.

I keep meaning to break this tradition each year because of the back breaking agony of seven to ten hours in the kitchen mixing, measuring, spilling, bending, clean-up and finally sampling.  But each year I sense that it would take a huge chunk of their joy away if they left our home without their usual bag of baked goods on Christmas day.  And so....

My knight in shining armor aka grocery guy aka husband brought home a big bag of these....

No mixing for the chocolate chip!  It saved a lot of time and work.  And they turned out great.  Yes,  I cheated!  

But shhhhhhhhh   don't tell the kiddo's.  They will never know the difference.

Gracie's job was to stay wide-eyed and alert, close to the kitchen to clean up the floor as things progressed.  In her words, "It's a ruff job, but some dog's gotta do it."

She is spent!