Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My Routine.

I rarely sleep past 7AM ~ thanks to Gracie's paw in my face; she's my alarm clock.  If I open my eyes, move my foot, clear my throat or even sigh anywhere from 6:30 to 7AM Gracie pounces to the head of the bed and lets me know that she's awake as well.

Before my feet hit the floor I thank the Lord for all He has given me and ask forgiveness for yesterdays blunders.
It's a new day.  I will choose my words wisely, accomplish a lot, follow my diet, lose weight, and look and feel better.  Every morning I'm ready for a new challenge.

First ~ bathroom.  Then the lamps go on, the curtains open, coffee is poured, orange juice and a Centrum Silver for women go into a glass so the vitamin will dissolve by the time I'm ready to drink it.  (I hate swallowing pills!)

Gracie stretches with her little cottontail butt in the air, well rested and ready to help me 'go outside to get the paper'.
Then I give her 2 small treats which she eats right away.

With newspaper and coffee in hand, I head for my recliner where I read the paper, drink my coffee, and do a little facebook and blogging.

Shower comes next.  Then I take my juice into the back room where I spend some time with God ~ meditating on the Word and praying for family and friends.

Makeup and hair...   15 min.

Off to work.

5 PM ~ Back home. Put Gracie out to potty.  Make dinner.  Eat.

Around 6 PM ~ Gary and I watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy.  It used to be Judge Judy or Desperate Housewives.  But since JJ is in reruns and season 7 of DH's is not yet out...  I settle.

Anywhere from 7 ~ 8 we go for a walk, weather permitting.

8:00 PM bath or shower - A little computer stuff ~ Maybe a movie or some scrabble with the Hub's and by 10:30 ~ time for a book and bed.

My Routine.  by Gracie Phillip.

Sometimes it's hard to wake Mom in the morning.  She loves it when I 'give her a high five' with my paw, so I just play that game with her so she's in a good mood when she gets up.

Mom always interrupts my good morning stretch so she'll have someone go outside and get the paper with her.  I don't know what she's afraid of and why she can't just do it by herself. But there's some good smells out there.. and she does pay me in treats...  so it all works out in the end.

I sit in my chair and look out the window.  Boy dogs pee on trees and I dream of being out there to smell those trees.  Sometimes I need to alert Mom to big black dogs that taunt me with arrogant vibes that say 'hey you ~ silly poodle in the window..  look at me..  I'm walking with my master and you're not. ' 

Right before Dad wakes up (and I know exactly when that is) I move from my chair to his.  He sees me there right away and kneels down to pet me and talk to me, then I get off of his chair and I go back to my chair by the window to watch out for more troublemakers passing by.

Mom sometimes takes me for a walk around the house before she goes to work.  Then I get to smell the boys pee and do a little pee of my own.  

All day long, I watch the house, wrestle with Gumby, eat my food, and wait for Mom and Dad to come home.

When Mom and Dad come home from work I have to act excited.   They like for me to jump high into the air, whine and cry like I haven't seen them in years, lick whatever part of them they'll allow me to lick, and jump into the air again.  Hey... I know..  sounds crazy.  But you have to give the humans what they like or there will be no food for you.  Just sayin'.

Supper.  Always the same crap wonderful stuff.  I've all but given up on begging for table food, ever since they cut my belly open a few months back and then put me on something called a diet.  Every once in a while dad will throw me a morsel of meat though, and then Mom yells at him.  She's such a nag concerned and loving Mom.

Then it's back to looking out the window.

Come evening I begin to worry about whether I'll get to go for a walk.  Sometimes the Mom and Dad forget.  Eventually I will jump down from my chair and make my presence known by doing what they refer to as a cutsie stretch right smack dab in the middle of the living room floor. If it doesn't work, I'll give them a half cocked look to let them know that I'm in thought.  When all else fails, I go to dad and stare him down.  "Go get you're leash", he says.  I always act stupid and let him go get it.  FYI - Smart dogs don't let humans know how smart they are.  Before they know it, they'll be doing everything for them (the humans).  

Walking is the best part of my day.  I smell.  I snort.  I bark and try to intimidate other dogs.  I poop.  I pee.  I lunge at other walkers.  I pull, trying to get away from Mom (but she just runs after me).  I pee some more.  I've even learned how to lift my leg and pee like the boys that I watch out my window.  I humiliate the nag Mom with my idiotic behavior.  (or so she says).

I come home and drink water, then rest.  Five minutes later I go to my toys and grab Chickie bird or Gumby and toss it onto Mom or Dad's lap.

I play a little.

I go to bed just before the Mom and Dad.  Just to make sure I get my spot.

I roll over onto my back so Mom can check for bugs.

I sleep.