Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fleas, Hurricanes, and Ears

One of the good things about working in an adjoining office is, if you wake up late, then discover your dog who was just groomed the day before is now crawling with fleas, so you concoct your magic mixture of Dawn dishwashing liquid and water and pull the dog out from under the bed, lay her out spread eagle on the rug beside the picture window so the sun makes it easy to see, then with a q tip soaked in the Dawn, chase  them, dab them, kill them... one at a time...   drown them in the magic solution...   while the dog looks wild eyed and ready to run when she gets the ok...  umm..  

where was I? 

 How many sentences did I run together above?  Was that an entire run on sentences that I didn't even finish?  
Well, let me finish then..

One of the good things about working from an adjoining office is, if you're late for work you grab your makeup and orange juice and make a run for it.

Everyone is still talking about the Ear.  When someone calls to come in for an appointment I tell them to look for the ear.  One customer couldn't find it because he was looking for the 'deer'...  Yes, his hearing aid was broken and needed repaired.  God love him...

We were heading for Atlantic City this weekend to visit Gary's daughter and donate a little money to the casino...  but Irene called and said there's not room for both of us there.  I cancelled my reservation.

Come spring, part 2 of the ear makeover will happen and it will include a flower bed.  For now, here's what we have:

Look for the ear?  What ear?  I don't see no ear!

Dear Diary,
Stop! Drop! Roll Over!!  When I hear these words I cringe.  I am now an automatic roll-over dog.  I see the Crazy Woman  Mom coming towards me, I stop, drop and roll. She picks at me like a monkey in the zoo. Life is the pits.  Gracie.