Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reccurring Dreams

I have a lot of big changes in the making for this year.  I'm excited about each one.  I can't elaborate just yet. I know...  the suspense is killing you, right?  Hey, isn't that what makes life interesting?  The waiting.  The wondering.  The guessing.  

So...  let's see.  What do I want to talk about today?  Everything I want to talk about is off limits for now.  

Okay, so I'll tell you about the dream I had last night.   I was looking out of my window (where I lived when I was married to husband #1) at the crack of dawn and there was this huge silver UFO that covered the entire sky.  

In seconds it swished past and disappeared into the horizon.  The world was ending (in my dream).   

Does anyone care to decipher that one?  LOL

A lot of times I'll dream that I'm flying> floating in the air.  If someone tries to get me I will pray (in my dream), and I'm able to float away from the bad people.  (That's not actually me...*I wish*  I got that picture on the internet> LOL>  )

Sometimes I dream things that have meaning.  I used to dream about my sister who lived away - and the next day I'd have a letter from her in my mailbox.  

I dream about Athena almost every night.  Some of the dreams are good, some not so good.  I guess it was such a tremendous blow to my heart and our lives- what happened... and it lives on inside of me and my feelings come out in my dreams. 

Does anyone else have reccurring dreams?   Do you think dreams have meaning?  Do you remember your dreams?