Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Practical Joke

Who likes playing pranks?  Does anyone get angry when they're the victim?  

I love to laugh, and I find it fun to play pranks but sometimes not so fun to be on the other end.  

About a year after we were married Gary had to be away for a few days so I cloned him and sat him in his chair.  On a scale of one to ten...  it was about a six.  

A few years ago, Gary and I went out to the Texas Grill House for dinner with my son and his fiance.   It was a wintry night and I wore my warm down hooded  coat.  It was Jessica's birthday, and I was buying.  
So the waiter brought me the check and we all got up from the booth to leave.  I took the check and was headed for the cash register in front of the store... and  that's when I heard it.  Gary's infamous battery operated FARTER.  I'd recognize that thing anywhere.  Embarrassed, I hurried ahead trying to get away from my juvenile husband and his embarrassing prank.  Jack, Jessica and Gary were all laughing hysterically and lagging behind... and that's when I realized...  the loud embarrassing farts were coming from me!  He wouldn't let up.  It was one long disgusting fart after another.  The restaurant was thick with customers that night...  and I had grown an audience.  I knew then that the unwanted apparatus must be planted somewhere on me... so I started to shed my layers.  Off came my scarf and I threw it into the air like a stripper in a nightclub.... when the farting continued to follow me, I then yanked my coat off and threw it to the floor as I ran to the front and out the door, still carrying the check.  I was laughing so hard and trying  to be angry at the same time.  "You have to come back in and pay for the dinner..." Gary said when he came out onto the small enclosed porch and sat beside me.  "No way!" I said.  I was still trying to be angry but I couldn't stop laughing.  Finally I went in and paid.  All eyes were on me...  but I just focused on paying the check and getting out of there.

Moral of the story:  If you live with a jokester... always check your clothing carefully and never, never, never where a hooded coat to a restaurant.

I hate to admit it.  And I will kill the hub if it ever happens again.  But it was a ten.   

So what's the funniest practical joke you've ever played on someone?