Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Is Good

Everything I do, I consider how it will affect Gracie.  


Whoever thought that I would one day be owned by a dog?!

When I come in the house after being away, I drop everything to greet her.   When I leave to go somewhere, I feel guilty, leaving her alone.  

No one eats dinner until she gets hers. 

Does she need to go outside?  Is she cool enough?  Does she have fleas?  Better check her tummy.  Are her ears clean? Is she comfortable?  Does she want her blanket?  Is she too hot with her blanket?  If I move in bed, will I disturb her?  


Will she mind if I sit in her recliner for a few minutes?

Dear Diary,

Finally!  My own human slave.  I think I have her right where I want her.  Sad eyes = guilt.  Pacing = taking me outside.  Rolling over = belly rub.  Raising right paw = hug around the neck.  Chickie Bird in mouth = playtime.  Gumby in lap = more playtime.  Begging = morsels of food tossed in my direction.  Pretending to be asleep in bed = me getting the entire middle of the bed.  Life is good.   Gracie. 

PS  I am feeling so much better than yesterday.