Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Full Responsibility

Mom says my good dog days were once upon a time.  Oh yea.  Once upon a time I watched the house and was nurse maid to the sick and the new babies and .....
Well, you get my drift.  Once upon a time I was never cross.

But that ship has sailed.  And I accept full responsibility for the attack on Mom the other day when she tried to pull me out from under the table to give me a bath.   There were other things I did that day in which I take full responsibility for as well.  But I'd rather not go into detail.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Blogger is Not Being Nice

For some reason, blogger does not like me anymore.  I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing that it will not let me comment on anything.  It says I need to sign in, which I already am.

It's very frustrating...  

I have started a new blog with Wix, we will see where that goes.  So far it is pretty user friendly so we will see.

I will still try to post here and read other blog posts, but interacting seems to be next to impossible.


And Gracie says hello!!  And she says I don't feed her enough.  (Trust me, I do!!!!!!!!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

bye december. and 2018.

December is one of the busiest months of the year!  I will have to admit, my blood pressure rises as  I burden myself through my own expectations to make Christmas special.  And then, January arrives and the BP goes back to normal just like magic.  

I'm still fighting the 'having to be on meds' thing.  So far I take a multi vitamin and that is all.  However, I am due to go back for labs and an appointment with my NP towards the end of this month so my drug-free status may change at that time.  Especially since she gave me a diagnosis of Hoshimoto's Disease a couple of months ago.  "But I have no symptoms," I said.  "We will repeat labs in three months," she said.  "... and go from there."  


But getting back to December.  

Movie night, the grandkids came down and we had popcorn and chocolate and soft pretzels and a movie on our living room theatre screen.  It was pretty awesome.

The oldest grands interact doing what they do best....  competing to see who's the best...  lol

There are so many special December moments,  but seeing the kids sing Christmas songs at school is a huge reminder to me:  My cup is full and running over!!!

Gracie has adapted.  To the rearranging of the living room and the chaos.  It didn't take her long to find her safe place.  Today when I started taking everything down I could have swore I heard her say, "Hey, put it back...  I like it like this!"

My girl is a lot like me.  We do not like change.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Whatever Is Worth Doing At All, Is Worth Doing Well. A Message from The Dog.

Christmas comes and Christmas goes.  But it doesn't come and go without making a spectacle of the dog.

It's like, "Look at Gracie doesn't she look cute?  She's resting.  She's sleeping.  She's angry.  She's getting ready to eat her fortune cookie."  Blah, blah, blah.  

Oh.  And speaking of fortune cookie,  I got some advice for all you amateurs out there on how to get the most from your people:

1.  Be deceptive.  Act like you don't care or you're not feeling well.  They will offer the best of the best just to get you to eat something.  Chicken, steak, cookies,  whatever your little heart desires.  But don't let the smells weaken you.  A sad dog is a pampered dog.  Got it?

2. On top of being deceptive, be your best Hollywood self and test out your acting skills on your people!  

 Example:  Act like you gotta pee really, really bad ...  and don't let their words (like: YOU WERE JUST OUT A MINUTE AGO) deter you.  Go to the door.  Make it look urgent.  And as soon as that door is opened...  pretend to go to the next door (the outside door) but then...  Make a run for it!!!!! In the opposite direction!!!!  Into the laundry room!  Through the garage!  To the office door!  Where you will be rewarded with your fortune cookie for being such a mischievious inventive fast runner!  

3.  Savor>  First observe.  Then smell.  Act like it doesn't mean the world to you and then when you can't take it anymore - crunch into the goodness of that cookie.  And don't forget to leave the fortune behind so it gives your mom something to do like clean up after you.

4.  You are depressed.  Repeat after me....  "I am depressed."  There's nothing that works better than the depressed doggie act to get play time, belly rubs, and unlimited attention from your people.  Works every. single. time.

5.  Go to bed early.  Your peeps will be in to check on you over and over and over again...  offering more of the same, belly rubs, treats, and lots of interaction.

6.  In the event of actual tiredness after playing your people all day, see if you can't find a quiet place to catch some z's without their interference.   It always helps if you bark and make a nuisance of yourself right before...  that way, they will feel they are punishing you by withholding attention.  Then - off to dream-land ....  ahhhhhh....

So there ya have it.   I've been honing these skills for over fourteen years now and if I must say so myself, I am quite the pro.  

Oh, and one more thing before you go.  Fortune cookies are not just for nutrition purposes....  My fortune for today says it all... 

Happy New Year Friends!