Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Full Responsibility

Mom says my good dog days were once upon a time.  Oh yea.  Once upon a time I watched the house and was nurse maid to the sick and the new babies and .....
Well, you get my drift.  Once upon a time I was never cross.

But that ship has sailed.  And I accept full responsibility for the attack on Mom the other day when she tried to pull me out from under the table to give me a bath.   There were other things I did that day in which I take full responsibility for as well.  But I'd rather not go into detail.


  1. Hi Bobbi - I have a "Gracie" too - but she is 29 years old and my human daughter (4 others as well) One of my twin daughters also has Hoshimoto's Disease....she watches her diet very carefuuly and is med free. I hope things go well with your tests etc. Good you are not experieicing any symptoms. Your furry Gracies is so cute. She is certainly your side kick! - it has been so nice stopping by today for my first visit here. I shall be back and hope you might stop by too some day. ♥

  2. I agree, Gracie! But then again, you know I ALWAYS take your side! There should have been some warning, like maybe holding out a wet sponge. ARF! I hope you didn't hurt your Mom too much!!

  3. Oh Gracie! Of course your mom should have given you a bit of a warning, but you need to be nice to her. You can't bite the hand that feeds you! I hope you have better days ahead!


  4. gracie you can't being mean like that.

  5. Samson Says: Gracie, you must be nice to your mommy. I know baths are no fun, but you are so pretty once it's over. I always feel very handsome when they are all done with me at the groomers. Next time I will post a picture for you to see. Sending ear kisses XOXOXOXOXO, Your Samson

  6. Oh Gracie, you have really been bad:( Apologize to your Mom, K? HUGS!



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