Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Anne Frank Remembered

I had watched the movie but had never read the book.  Finally, just recently I ordered the paperback from Amazon.  Usually, a book is so much more detailed and absorbing than the movie.  This book was no different.

But as most of us know, Anne's story did not have a happy ending.

Throughout Anne's writings, she made mention of a couple,  Miep Gies and Henk who were often visiting Anne and her family in the Annex and bringing them food and gifts.  Anne Frank Remembered is Miep Gies story.  

Tonight I will finish it.  It is haunting and troubling as it takes the reader through those awful days of Hitler's attempt to destroy all Jews.  But it is a story of friendship and hope, as Miep helps the Frank family and others who were hiding out in those troubling times.  If you have read Anne Frank's Diary, you need to read Miep's book Anne Frank Remembered.    You can get it here HERE on Amazon.