Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fearful and Worried. BOL!!!!

Yea, Gracie here.  Looks like Mom is on an unscheduled hiatus.  You just can't count on her for anything, right?  

I know.  I know.  You're saying... Gracie, what have you been up to lately.  Right?  

So glad you asked.  I have been a bundle of nerves joy.  A little depressed quiet. Antsy  Eager to help out.  My chair was moved from the window and a blindingly-bright town with a huge flickering pine tree and a big noisy train was put in its place. The Cookie Connections loved it but it was an invasion of my privacy.  Nobody cared.   THEN a bunch of intruders showed up in our front yard wearing hats and scarves and taunting me late at night, causing me to get into trouble for begging to go out 20X a night and then for barking like crazy at them.  (glad those things are disappearing)

 Mom says, "Poor Gracie.  She's depressed, I think. She's starting to pee on the floor again.  We need to get her pee-pads.   I wish I knew what she was thinking."  

So she Googled it.  What is my poor dog thinking?  

BOL!!!  Check out #7 of "How to read your dog's body language HERE

BOL!!!  I laughed till I cried and then I almost peed on the floor.   Ahemm... 

 According to the human that wrote this, the total submission pose is a sign of 'fearful and worried'.  B.O.L.   

  Check me out below. Do I look Fearful and Worried?  

More like...  A dog with a hankering for a good belly rub.  

I'm tellin' you.  These humans are a real trip, if you know what I mean.  

But hey!  I have my window back.  

 What is my body language saying now silly human peeps?  

Queen of my Castle once again!  

(That's right)!