Wednesday, August 9, 2017

~~ THE WALL ~~

Meet my new toy, Chippie.

See that piece of wood there...  just outside my bedroom window?  Well...  that's where Chippie likes to play.

Chippie hides underneath the wood and and we play hide and seek.

Problem is, he's too quick for me.

And so I wait.  and back and forth I pace....

I give mom and dad the stare that says let me out.....

I don't really have to pee, like they think.  I just need to play with Chippie.  Problem is, when I come close to catching him I hear "GRACIE NO!" and then it's back inside for me.

 Chippie likes to hide beneath the dirt underneath the deck.  I know this to be true because the other day I found him!   As hard as I dug into the dirt beneath the deck,  Chippie dug even harder and deeper  ....  and  I was oh-so-close to hearing that squeaker inside of him....  and then I heard those haunting, nagging words that go right through me....


I waited inside.  And when they finally left me go out to play with Chippie...  There was a WALL!

Thanks Dad.  For building the wall and taking away my fun times with Chippie.  You are a kill-joy.
#DonaldTrumpAndDadAreTooMuchAlike  #DogsNeedToys #NoWall