Monday, January 28, 2013

Short-Stuff and The Dog

Cheerio's on the floor can mean only one thing...

Summer spent the night and she has defied all odds and found a way to spill food from her no-spill bowl.

Summer carrying her 'no spill bowl'

Dear Diary,  I laid down the rules for Short-Stuff when she got here last night.  No ear pulling.  No playing with my toys.  No stealing all of the attention.  Got it Short-Stuff?

She assured me that she got it.

Then she had a few rules of her own.

'No tickling my face with your whiskers, Big Dog' she said.

'And no stealing my toys...'

Then Mom showed her how to feed me cookies.  But she needed to have some extra tutoring on the feeding cookies to the dog lesson.  Oh sure, she had no problem putting the cookie to my mouth.  But she just didn't want to let go of it..

By the end of her stay, she had it down pat. 

And I had a job to do.  Cheerios were everywhere.  A dog's work is never done.  Gracie.