Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yard Sale Finds and Mr. Long Legs

Sharing Just a few of my yard sale finds today.

I loved this lazy susan set designed with dried flowers, trivet and napkin holder.

Gary has an eye for unusual things.  He was thrilled to pay $3 for this tub of old bottles that an elderly lady had in her basement for years.

The purple boom box is for Rissie.  She loves purple.  Only $1.50 and it looks brand new!!

$3 for this container filled with nuts, bolts, screws, and ...

tiny perfume bottles...

I love this basket!  Anything with color...

Baskets.  color.  Love it!!

The same elderly lady who had the bottles, sold us this watch for $2.

I like blue.

After yard sales I worked a little outside, spreading this bark mulch.  Some of my flowers are starting to come up...
I set a daddy long leg free...  The only spider I won't kill... usually.  As a child I was always led to believe they are harmless and good spiders hence the 'daddy' part of it's name.  Daddy's are good.  So daddy long leg's must be good.  
When Mr. Long Legs found his way into my hair and was hanging half way down my face taunting me with his wiggling long legs, I had no choice but to scream first, throw him to the ground and stomp on him.  
I had to kill him.