Thursday, January 9, 2020

Ramp Like a Champ

A couple of years ago Gary built a nice ramp so that Gracie in her old age could make the move from the floor to the bed much easier.  We put the ramp at the foot of the bed and after persuasive treats trailing the ramp to the bed, our girl was trained!  

Up and down the ramp she'd go with ease, no worries.

Last year when she hurt her knee, even the ramp was impossible for her to do.  The problem was, she'd get half way up the ramp and then turn to jump onto the bed without going all the way up first.  This was causing issues for her bad knee and I'm thinking she may have had a bad experience and fell a time or two.  And so she refused to do the ramp again.  

Night after night, it was up and down for me...  lifting our girl back into bed.  Oh, she went down the ramp just fine but she refused to go back  up it.  

What to do, what to do!!  

And so Gary did a remodeling of the ramp, added a side rail on the side that used to be against the bottom of our bed and placed the ramp to the side of the bed instead of the foot of the bed.  A straight shot onto the bed is better, we thought.  That way she can't jump prematurely thus not hurting herself or failing to make the jump.  

Yes, now we have the ramp right in the middle of our room and in the way.  Eh, so what.  We just walk around it.  If it works, then it's worth the inconvenience.

She refused.

No ramp for her.  

Uh-uh.  No way.  No how.

And so began the regimen of the best of the best treats making a trail up the ramp and to the bed.  

Did she ever master the climb from floor to bed?  Yes, she did!  Her fears have been erased and it only took one-and-a-half pounds of roast beef and two packages of cinnamon sticks!

And now... she does the ramp like a champ!  

And the Ramp Champ Doggie Award goes to .....