Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Clean-up Continues

And the clean-up continues...

I looked in the mirror one day and saw  someone who was hoarding clothes

And the choices had to begin.  Eenie-meenie miney moe...

Bye-bye blazers.  What's that sticker say?

Wait a minute,  

that was Election Day 2008.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall,
I am a Hoarder after all! 

Step 2 - Fill garage with clothes and DON'T LOOK IN THE BAGS!!!  

No looking back.

Gracie's had it with my nonsense.

Clothes that remained through the final cut.

To think all these hangers were holding clothes just days ago...  

All better.

Get The Message?

Dear Diary, 

I watched him from afar, 
and dreamed of the day we'd meet face to face.

Then Sunday it finally happened....

He was standoffish at first.  A little shy.  
Not at all impressed by my aggressive behavior.

Dad said I should take it slow. 
 So I did... at first.

Confidence is a turn-on to the guys.  I wanted him to know where I was on the confidence scale, so I kissed him right smack dab on his snoot.

He acted like it was nothing special and pulled away, 
so I gnarled and snapped at his face.

That's when he turned and walked away... but not without lifting his leg.  Mom said, 'get the message little Miss Attitude?'

Dad say's obedience school isn't helping.

I say Mr. High-and-Mighty Max ought to take lessons in how to treat a lady.