Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Friend

Darn it.  I forgot to take pictures.

Anyway...  yesterday I had dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in a good 25 years.  She was my best friend in grade school/junior high/and part of high school.   It's amazing how years pass and people change and yet memories of days gone by are so vivid.

We evolve from who we've been to who we are now... and the people who were once in our lives played a big part in developing our character...  whether we know it or not.

Thank you friend.  For hot summer nights sleeping on your front porch in sleeping bags, talking about boys, and eating bags full of candy.

Thank you friend.  For loaning me your clothes, including me on family outings, and teaching me how to 'get a guy'. LOL.

Thank you friend.  For making me laugh till I cried, sticking by me at camp when I didn't make friends as easily as you did, and sharing in my terror at the huge spiders that clung to the side of our tents at night.

Thank you friend.  For the many sleepovers, homemade chocolate cake made by your mom, and for always meeting me halfway when we'd go to each other's house.

Thank you friend.  For sharing you're 'today' with you're bestie from the 'past'.  It was great.