Friday, December 16, 2011

My Cup is Full and Running Over

'My cup is full and running over'.  
Does anybody remember that song from 
Bible School years ago? 

That's how I feel right now. 

One more grandchild has made a big difference in our lives.

 I can't get enough of Summer's sweetness. 

But there is Rissi who needs to feel 
continued love  and attention...

Then there's Jake who doesn't get nearly as much time as the girls, one reason being that I don't fully trust him around Gracie and I have to watch him very closely.

This week has been back to back grandkids.  

Summer. Rissi. Jake.  

A dear friend came today turning my living room into a studio ~ setting up a photo shoot for the girls.

The pictures are beautiful.

 I miss blogging and visiting you all...

I see some R & R in the near future...  
Because my Grand obligations 
have been fulfilled for a time.

And though I love my time with the little darlings.... 
 I like my quiet time as well.  

And so does Gracie.