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Monday, June 27, 2011

Winding Down

This week I'm winding down.  Cleaning out my offices.  

The Testing Room

I'm slowly pulling down photos, special signs, all things that say 'bobbi and gary work here'...

The reception area

  When I first worked here, this was my desk (above).

The repair / work room

  This (above) is where I did a lot of my own 
marketing and paperwork.  

When I tell people I'm leaving Miracle Ear to open my own business, many of my friends are saying "I thought Miracle Ear was your business."  LOL.  No, it wasn't.. though sometimes I felt like it was.  

Thursday is my last day.  It will be sad.  A little scary...  But a new beginning.


 This is the hard part.   The watching as she falls in her own bowel movements.  The watching as she staggers around, trying to find her way...