Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Day I Ran

My neighbor is missing.  He ran away from home a little over a month ago.  His name is Ollie and everyone is looking for him.  I mean, everyone!!  Even mom - she always says when we are outside. "Keep an eye out for Ollie."  An eye out?  She wants me to take my eye out?  How will that help?

My pack is strange.

Anyhoo...  If you happen to see this guy call the number there and for cryin' out loud don't chase the poor guy!  He's scared enough as it is.

I remember the day I ran away from home.  It was a warm spring day (BF) (BEFORE FENCE) and mom had me tied to the clothesline out back.  I decided to play Houdini and I magically became separated from my restraints and voila!! I was free at last!

I ran like the wind!!!~!  Soon I heard the frantic voice of mom calling my name!  "Gracie!  Gracie!!!!"  I could tell she was losing it.  (she does that a lot, ya know..  BOL!)  Finally, she spied me laying by the front door.

"Where have you been?  Why did you run?  How did you get loose? !!!!"  Interrogation began.  Seriously, mom.  Do you really think I'd run out in front of traffic like you insinuated I might would do?  Psssshhh  

So that's my story.  Of the day I ran...   all the way around the house.