Friday, August 26, 2011


The Hub thinks he's 'Winning' in his new Charlie Sheen bowling shirt...

But let me tell you a little something about what he did the other day..

He called me into his office and the conversation went something like this.

Gary: "I found it!  I finally found it!"  

Me: "Found what?"

Gary: "Remember the foam antibacterial hand sanitizer I was looking for?"

I remembered it well.  We went to Lowe's one night in search of the hard to find hand sanitizer and it was nowhere to be found.

Me:  "Yea..."

Gary:  "I found it at Lowes!  Here it is!!"  

He shoved the dispenser in my face and insisted I try it.  

Gary:  "It's great!  But it seems to take a while to dry for some reason."  He shakes his head like he doesn't understand. 

By then I had pumped a few big foamy helpings onto my own hand and rubbed my hands together.  

Me:  "It feels a little...  sticky..."

Me:  "Gary...  this is soap...  not hand sanitizer!"

Me:  "Now take that Winning Shirt off and put your loser shoes on"

Of course, I'm kidding.  He would rarely make this kind of mistake so I just had to call him on it.  

Of course he's...  Winning!