Thursday, July 17, 2014

Career Change

Fourteen years ago I went beyond my comfort zone by starting a new career in hearing aid sales.  I was a hometown girl who dared drive beyond my city limits yet alone hundreds of miles away training for a new job.

But I was empowered by a desire to succeed in something bigger than what I had become comfortable with.  My life's mistakes were burying me and it was time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.

I prayed fervently that God would bring me success in this life changing endeavor.  

To be promoted from secretary to Hearing Aid Specialist in sales would not be easy.  There was a lot of work involved.  First,  convincing my boss that I would be a good candidate for the job.  (Turns out I was a good sales person after all - because I sold him, persuading him to send me for training for the open sales position.)

Studies.  Tests.  Traveling. Training.  

My new sales position June, 2000

All the while, my church prayed me through it.  And God saw me through it.

I bring this up to ask for prayer once again as I embark on yet another life changing, career challenge.  It is exciting and scary.  And just as I knew fourteen years ago that there was no way I could make it without God being with me every step of the way, I know today that He must be with me still for me to succeed.

Gary will be retiring in September, leaving me to be sole owner and operator of All About Hearing.

I have an absolute peace about it all.  But it will be a lot.

So I ask for your prayers...  Please pray for me to have a clear mind and good health as I go into sales/marketing/finances and all else that is involved in running a business.

And also, pray that this arrangement works for Gary and I and that it brings us closer as a couple and that he can be content in retirement.

Dear Diary,

I hear tell that Dad's going to be spending more time rubbing my belly and less time rubbing mom the wrong way...  whatever that means.  Oh well, as long as he is rubbing my belly I don't care.  Gracie.